Christmas Contents on the Blog & Instagram

I know this time of year can make people grumpy or do stupid things, I blame the short day and long evening, but really during this time, we all should be filled with Christmas joy. As you can imagine I’m in that joyous Christmassy feeling where I have already decorated the tree and been blasting out Christmas tunes.

As I’m so eager to be in the full Christmas spirit, I’m going to be doing a lot of Christmas contents on here as well as my Instagram.

Let me tell you my plan on what you can expect over the Christmas period:


There one thing I like doing is reading the previous year’s Christmas contents and looking back at what I got up to that year. So, I’m not going to be doing a complete Blogmas, but I will be increasing my blog contents, and it will be filled to the brimmed with Christmas contents; expects gifts guides, recipes and fashion.


I will be doing my annual Instagram Advent Calendar. If you are new to this, let me explain. Previous years I had a beauty advent calendar, and I would open each door every day on my Instagram. It always goes down really well, and I always get tons of messages. However, this year it will be a little different as It won’t be a beauty – but it would be a jewellery advent calendars. Yes, I’m not just doing one this year – but two and they will all be opened over on my Instagram. So head over and see what goodies are behind every door.

But hold your horses, the jewellery advents calendars haven’t quite arrived. My deliveries are a little behind schedule, so opening them will be a little late – but head over to my Instagram and I will keep you updated.

That is my Christmas plan over the festive period. Who here is ready for Christmas spirit?

What do you think?

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Christmas Contents on the Blog & Instagram

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