chocolate pasta

Ditch the Easter eggs and go for a different kind of chocolate. How about trying some chocolate pasta instead? Why you need to try out chocolate pasta this Easter.

Calling all chocoholic, have I got the ultimate treat for you! I want you all to ditch the Easter eggs and try a new kind of chocolate. The kind of treat that will be both comforting and familiar.

What on earth am I talking about? I’m sure you are all wondering. Well ladies and gentlemen, put down those chocolate eggs – and instead have a bowl of chocolate pasta.

No I haven’t lost my god damn mind. I’m being serious. There is such a thing as chocolate pasta.

This is perfect for any self-proclaimed unapologetic ‘don’t give a toss on what other people think’ chocoholic. Like myself. This is also perfect, if like me – you’re also little bit of a lazy cook and just want simple and sweet.

Now a few years ago I was obsessed with Nigella Lawson’s ‘Nigellissima’ recipe book. It was a recipe book dedicated to Italian foods. It a brilliant book to try out new Italian recipes. Highly recommended.

Anyway, within the book, she (the lovely Nigella) wrote about chocolate pasta dish you can make and it like a lightbulb went off in my head.

How amazing is that? – Chocolate pasta. Before reading the book I never knew such a thing existed.

I love pasta – and I bloody love chocolate, so putting those two together was like fireworks.

Ok I’m sure you’re thinking – it not really chocolate. Oh that is where you are wrong. It’s drum wheat pasta filled with 100% chocolate powder.  So yes, you do get the taste of chocolate – ideal for anyone wanting to satisfy their chocolate craving.

If you are excited as I am about chocolate pasta. Get hold of it – isn’t that easy. So far I have only seen one place that sells it (both online and in stores) – and that is Hotel Chocolat.

Now not a lot of Hotel Chocolat stores actually sells it (in fact I have to go to 3 different stores till I found one that have it – you best bet is to visit Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden), so it might be better to look online (I didn’t as I was impatience!).

So what is it like when you start cooking it?

When you cook this, you do get an aroma of chocolate wafting back to you. You cook this like any other pasta dish, just simple bring to boil and wait for the pasta to be soft enough to eat.

I found when I ate the pasta on its own you don’t get a strong chocolate taste, so what I did was I melted some Green & Black Dark Cooking Chocolate and poured it over as a sauce, that was yummy and it’s enough to put you in a coco-coma. However, it recommended to have it with tomatoes or with salmon. Personally I think chocolate pasta is more sweet then savory.

chocolate pasta

If you are wanting a sweet snack and you are completely craving chocolate, then now here is the simple solution. I want you all to have a bowl of chocolate pasta. You will not regret it – trust me. Tell me if you have already tried this and what your thoughts on this.

Bon appetit!

(This blog post was originally published April 7th 2013)

chocolate pasta