Center Parcs Woburn

Due to this Brexit nonesuch, we decided this year to have a stay vacation, so I opted to go to my favourite place in the UK – Center Parcs.

We have been to their Elevden forest a few time, but this time we decided to try out a new park – Woburn.

Why do I love Center Parcs so much? Where do I start? I love the forest setting, the range of activities, the restaurants and of course their amazing out-of-this-world spa. Oh My God, heaven on earth.

Let me talk you through my week at Center Parcs Woburn.


Previously when we visited Elevden forest, my dad gave us a lift there – but now he’s a little older I’m afraid of him driving a fair distance. So it was one of the reasons we chose Woburn as it an hour journey outside London and this Center Parcs has organized a shuttle that can pick you up from the station and take you in straight into the park. A straightforward journey by train – goes to London Blackfriars and a straight train to Flitwick station. We had no problem, and we both couldn’t believe how easy and straightforward it was.

Booking in:

Another thing we couldn’t believe how easy and straight forward it was – booking in. If you’re getting picked up by their shuttle service, they do it before you enter. Simple give over your booking numbers, and they do the rest. As soon as we got to the park and into the front desk of the hotel, they simply gave us a wrist band which is your hotel and locker keys (for swimming and spa), and you’re on your way to explore the park.


As it was only the two of us and we’re were doing on the cheap – we opted for a hotel room instead of a log cabin. The thing with the log cabin I found is that they are designed for family – not couple. We also could get a studio which is a hotel room with a kitchen, but that was an extra £100, and we were trying to keep the price down. The one thing I must say about the hotel room – it very much open plan and might not be ideal for a family. The walk-in shower has no frosted glass, so anyone in the room can watch you while you in showering. We found that a little weird and we also had to remember to draw the curtain while showering as people walking along could possibly see you. Here is a walkthrough video of our room.

Center Parcs Woburn

Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn


The choice of food at Center Parcs is terrific. Not only do you have a vast range of restaurants, but the Parcs Market is amazing; a Co-Op but only much better. Parcs Market is very much for people who have a log cabin and cooking in. As we had a hotel room, we would go in to pick up a bottle of water or to buy snacks.

The choice of restaurants is huge. There is Strada for all things Italian, Las Iguanas for all things Mexican, Hucks’s an American grill burger bar, Sports Bar for a quick bite, and of course, they had a Starbucks.

But, personally, for me, the number one choice of a restaurant has to be The Pancake House. Oh my god! Sugar and sweet heaven. The cookie monster pancake is to die for! You need to try it out.

Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn

This Center Parcs we found the activities to be more family-oriented than at Elveden. There still plenty of activities for couples – but be warned as it a family-oriented park. There was bowling, pool (which I won 4 time – beginner luck), squash, rowing on the lake, gym, climbing and a Zumba class. Also, be warned, they do add up, and it can be quite expensive.

Subtropical Swimming Pool:

This is entirely free, and as you can imagine – it does get crowded. What can I say, they have a wave pool, an area of little children and of course the slides which you need a strong stomach to try out. I

Now I have written before my fear of deep end in the swimming pool and the feeling of drowning – So it might surprise you that I went on the Tropical Cyclone water ride. This ride is no joke! It a full 45-degree drop, and you twist and turn at a fast pace. Richard was egging me on to do it, and I’m glad I did it. But I only did it once, and that was enough for me. It isn’t as scary as it looks – sits in your rubber ring, holds the handle for dear life and you will be fine.

I did also go on a few time the lazy river, which is a small stream, and you get to lie down on a rubber ring. I enjoyed that. Typhoon is brilliant fun – it just a side that twist and turn at a slow rate.

The main pool area is a wave pool, but I just stayed out when the wave started. It should be noted that you can’t do much swimming here either.

Center Parcs Woburn

Aqua Sauna, which is Center Parcs spa area – is the best spa in the UK. I fricking love Aqua Sauna. There no other place like It. Aqua Sauna is a two-floor spa area which has lots of different experiences room. Most Aqua Sauna has about 15 experiences room – the one at Woburn has 28! These experiences room ranges from hot to cold. Meaning there is a sauna, steam room, an ice foundation, a pool and a relaxation lounge. What is nice about this spa – you don’t necessarily need treatment to enjoy this spa. You can wander around the spa and create your own treatment.

The Aqua Sauna at Woburn as I said has 28 experiences room which is then cut up in small sections. For example, the Blossom spa experience has a blossom steam room, rain walks, and a blossom lounge.

My biggest worry was I wouldn’t be able to get into all of the experiences rooms – but you soon pick and choose which one you like the best.

I always feel so relax, and Richard always notes how skin seems to glow after a session. I could quite happily live at Aqua Sauna as I never want to leave. I would go back in a heart-beat.

Center Parcs Woburn

We did find Center Parcs Woburn to be more family-oriented then Elevden. It, not a bad thing – just we sometimes felt like we were the odd one out. Center Parcs is my view is still a couple-retreat. I got talking to a lady at the spa, and she said to try out Center Parcs Longleat as it isn’t so family-oriented. So that would be my next stop to try out next year.


Another fantastic, superb, splendid week at Center Parcs. Center Parcs Woburn did not disappoint. I would be back in a heart-beat if I could. But be warned, if you are planning to visit – it is a little expensive as foods and activities do add up.

Now I’m planning on visit Center Parcs Longleat next year.

Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn
Center Parcs Woburn

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Center Parcs Woburn

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