Wardrobe Wear Wednesday Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

Welcome back to my Wardrobe Wear Wednesday, a new series on here where I delve deep into my Wardrobe, and I’ll pick out one item and share it on here.

Not only do I share it on here, but you must also help me decide whether to keep it or throw it away (or at least donate to charity). My Wardrobe is chuck full right now, and I need to free up some space. Think of it as helping a friend out and giving some fashion advice.

Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

When I heard the news that Cath Kidston is going to administration, my heart stopped beating as I am a massive fan of Cath Kidston. You know how some people collect stamp? Well, I collect Cath Kidston bags and their clothes.

I love their bright, colourful, quirky prints and how there is nothing quite like anything else on the high street. I’m going to be a big tribute of the brand If they do indeed go under – which I’m hoping doesn’t happen *fingers crossed*. I always feel that Cath Kidston cater to my bright, colourful style which brings me to my wardrobe item selection for this week, this Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs dress.

It a freaking Guinea Pigs dress, can you think of anything else cuter? If you are not into the cute little critter, then this dress isn’t for you. But I personally love Guinea Pigs, and this dress is perfect for me.

Now I know the whole point of Wardrobe wear Wednesday is to put the fate of a wardrobe item in your hand, but sorry this is a keeper. I can’t let go of this dress and it an item that is going to stay. Do you think I made the right decision? Would you want to keep a Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs dress?

This is the second time I have written about this dress.

Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

What do you think?

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Wardrobe Wear Wednesday Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

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