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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big Cath Kidston fan. Over the years I have quite an extensive collection of all things Cath Kidston. Primarily they are dresses and handbags. What can I say? I’m a girl who knows what she likes, and that tend to be dresses and bags. At least I got my priory straight, right?

I find Cath Kidston to be feminine and fun. I find they cater to the eternal child in me, the adult-child who prefer wearing a quirky pattern dress then some dreary brown dress like a grown-up should wear.

So it no surprise that over the Christmas period last year, I went a little Cath Kidston crazy. Seriously, I went on a massive Cath Kidston spending spree. It was not good for my bank account.

The reason I went crazy for them, was because of their Disney collection; Especially their Bambi collection. How could I not buy or at least go crazy when two of my favourite things in life: Bambi and Cath Kidston come together? It was inevitable I would buy pretty much the whole collection. I brought the pyjamas, a sweater, a purse (which I had to returns as the zip was faulty) and a handbag.

I’m only going to be showing you this Cath Kidston Bambi handbag today. Now I must confess, I hate Bambi the Disney cartoon film, but love the characters. Seeing Bambi as a child destroyed me, made me an emotional wreck and made a vow never to see it again. To those who have seen Bambi, will know what I mean.

However, I love the original illustration of the characters, especially Bambi and Thumper. I remember as a child I had a thumper toy which I took everywhere with me and have a large poster of Bambi on my wall.

This was why I wanted this Cath Kidston Bambi handbag, as it has the illustration of all the characters which I love. It also my way of showing my love for the classic cartoon while also feeling a little nostalgic to my childhood.

Another additional bonus is that with a Cath Kidston handbag, you will know it will last for a very long time. I had a Cath Kidston handbag a few years ago, and it was the best bag I ever had.

Overall a combination of loving classic Disney characters, while also requiring a long-lasting handbag, and additionally also being a Cath Kidston fanatic is what lead me to buy this Cath Kidston Bambi handbag.

Sadly, if you are after this bag, then eBay might be your best bet as this was limited Christmas collection and is no longer available. I’m hoping Cath Kidston will do more Disney collection in the future.

Cath Kidston Bambi handbag
Cath Kidston Bambi handbag

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