Wardrobe Wear Wednesday | Cath Kidston Bambi Dress

 This is a new series started today on here, where every Wednesday we delve deep into my wardrobe, and I will pick out one item and share it with you.

I have so many clothes. I mean I have more clothes crammed in my wardrobe than the whole of the City of London. I seriously could open up my own boutique. I’m not an exaggeration I seriously have too many clothes.

If you know me or been reading on here for a while, I’m a shopaholic, and I seriously do put Rebecca Bloomwood to shame. While I have been on a shopping ban the last year – due too many clothes being crammed into my wardrobe– I still classed myself an Olympic champion on shopping.

I made a promise this year I will fix my wardrobe problem by getting rid of clothes I no longer need – freeing up some desperate space. So, this is where you come in and my new blog series.

You know the film version of Sex and The City where Carrie is moving, and she invites a few girlfriends to help get rid of stuff – while this in a similar vein of what I’m doing. There no girlfriend to invite and no Aerosmith playing but you will delve into my wardrobe and help me get rid of items I no longer need.

So, folks let me know in the comments which item of clothing I’m going to be showcasing weekly, whether to keep or to donate to a clothing charity.

Now we understand how this new blog series work, let me show this one item I have picked out:

Cath Kidston Bambi Dress. 

A few years ago, Cath Kidston did a Disney Bambi collection, and I went crazy for it. I pretty much brought the entire collection, and this includes, the bag, pyjamas and this dress.

I adore the Bambi prints and think it look so cute. Even though I made the vow never to see the actual Bambi animation ever again (it gave me a traumatic childhood experience), I do like the Bambi design.

What I also love about this Cath Kidston Bambi dress is the fact It isn’t every day you find a dress that matches your handbag. Some people might not like the idea of accessorizing precisely to what you are wearing. But I think its fun and at least you don’t have to worry about clashing with anything.

Anyway, the Cath Kidston Bambi dress is fun, quirky and keeping very much in the style of the brand. And while I like it – I don’t if I would necessarily wear it out while doing my shopping.

What do you think folks, what are thoughts on it? Is the Cath Kidston Bambi dress a yay or a nay?

More outfits photos are on my Instagram.

What do you think?

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Wardrobe Wear Wednesday | Cath Kidston Bambi Dress

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