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4 ways to achieve a more mindful day

4 ways to achieve a more mindful day

27th September 2017 19

When life becomes fuller and busier, it’s easy to lose tracks on what you did…

My belief on the power of healing crystals and stones

My Belief on the power of Healing Crystals & Stones

21st September 2017 14

Some might call it superstition and loads of old rubbish, while someone like myself is…

self-care ideas

10 Self-Care Ideas to Do Before the End of the Year

16th September 2017 11

It crazy to think but the end of 2017 is only 4 months away. So…

4 daily practice that will boost your wellbeing in your life

4 daily practice that will boost your wellbeing in your life

29th August 2017 9

The word ‘wellbeing’ get tossed around a lot, yet very few people know what wellbeing…

Does the universe have a message for me

Does The Universe Have a Message For Me?

29th July 2017 7

Do you ever wake up and feel like your path in life is already decided?…

5 ways to create a perfect evening ritual

5 Ways to Create a Perfect Evening Ritual

25th July 2017 25

We are always told on how to create the perfect morning rituals, but what about…

top 5 reasons on why I love a spa day

Top 5 reasons On Why I Love a Spa Day

12th July 2017 22

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the entire universe is to have…

how to build confidence when you have none to begins with

How to Build Confidence When You Have None To Begins With

24th April 2017 9

The topic of confidence is always a tricky subject to talk about. Today I will…

5 simple steps to take on being a happier person

5 Simple Steps To Take On Being a Happier Person

22nd February 2017 22

You know how I was saying at the start of 2017 about being amazing? Well…

Start 2017

Be Amazing in 2017

2nd January 2017 77

Today is the second day of a 365-pages story. Make the most of it and…