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plan a solo trip in a foreign country

How to Plan a Solo Trip in a Foreign Country

12th February 2019 1

In January I spent 24 hours in Paris where the majority of the time, I…

6 travel channels to binge watch on YouTube

6 Travel Channels to Binge Watch On YouTube

1st September 2018 3

I’m feeling a little stuck at the moment, I just want to travel and explore…

a ski holiday to escape the summer heat

Why You Should Book a Ski Holiday to Escape the Summer Heat

12th August 2018 1

With summer coming to an end, and we are still in the midst of the…

5 hidden gems around the Mediterranean Sea

5 Hidden Gems Around the Mediterranean Sea

19th May 2018 1

The Mediterranean Sea is world’s renowned as the ultimate beach holiday destination. But often we…

how to be brave when traveling on your own

How to Be Brave When Traveling On Your Own

25th April 2018 0

If you’re not use to traveling alone or always travelled somewhere in a group or…

road trip around Ireland

4 Reasons why to Road Trip Around Ireland

8th April 2018 0

If you fancy going somewhere different and fancy a road trip holidays, then let me…

summer 2018 travel essentials

Summer 2018 Travel Essentials

27th March 2018 2

While summer might feel like a long way away, it will come around before you…

if I could go on a second honeymoon, where would I go

If I could go on a second honeymoon, where would I go?

8th March 2018 0

A question that was posed to me recently, if I could go on a second…

I have caught the travel bug

I Have Caught the Travel Bug

7th March 2018 4

While in Europe I caught a highly dangerous bug, it is infectious and highly dangerous….

travel bucket list Tokyo

Travel Bucket List | Tokyo

7th February 2018 61

Last week I took you to the Indian Ocean; The Maldives. Now we are heading…