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my love for photography

Finding My Love for Photography

13th January 2018 7

I have always considered myself more of a writer than a photographer, but over the…

caption these Lego photos

Random Photos | Caption These Lego Photos

7th January 2018 1

I have a bunch of Lego photos that really don’t belong anywhere. So I thought…

my camera kit

My Camera Kit

5th November 2017 10

I had few people asking about my camera kit and what I use. So today…

October golden glow

October Golden Glow

18th October 2017 13

There is something quite special and beautiful about nature at this time of year. Here…

random photos that never got used

Random Photos That Never Got used

9th November 2016 4

Have you ever looked through photos on your computer or phone and wondered why on…

Firework Night

Flash Bang Wallop: Firework Night

6th November 2016 0

For as long as Richard and I have been together, there is one thing I…

Microsoft Mobile London Street Arts Walking Tour

16th August 2015 0

Last week I went on a little East London walking tour armed with the Microsoft…

Pretty Flowers Photos

19th August 2014 2

When I had my miscarriage 2 month ago now (boy doesn’t time flies by!) the…

Photography: Close up Flowers

10th January 2014 4

For christmas I was given a micro lens which allows me to do close up…