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songs that rocks my soul

Songs That Rocks My Soul

13th May 2018 2

I’m feeling nostalgic recently and been spending my time listening to songs I listened to…

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp And Why I’m Rooting For Her On SCD

7th November 2016 6

This is kind of a follow up to a post I write a year ago…

Tunes To Listens To On Your Ipod

Tunes To Listens To On Your Ipod

23rd October 2016 52

I have quite a wide range selections of music on my ipod and on my…

Why I refuse to buy Adele new album

2nd December 2015 8

Ok, before you start hunting me down with torches and an angry mob start…

50th Anniversary Of sound Of Music

23rd February 2015 0

Hello and welcome to my Nostalgic Series, It’s a weekly series that will focus on…

Cole Phoenix – Q&A

13th January 2015 0

Remember last week when I did a Profile piece on Cole Phoenix? Well I did…

Profile Piece: Cole Phoenix

6th January 2015 1

Today I’m going to write about something a little something different then normal, nothing to…

What Music Does To the Brain – It make us feel good

24th October 2014 2

It’s the weekend and you are kicking back after a stressful week of work, you’ve…

Within Temptation Hydra Album

9th April 2014 0

 This unique Dutch rock band Within Temptation first emerged in the gothic metal underground scene…

90s Girl Band Eternal

3rd March 2014 2

Hello and welcome to my Nostalgic Series, It’s a weekly series that will focus on the…