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Should I move my blog to https

Should I Move My Blog to HTTPS?

17th September 2017 6

Changes are coming and the big question on any blog/website owner’s lips is: Should I…

5 reasons to use Awin for your blog affiliate marketing

5 Reasons to Use Awin for Your Blog Affiliate Marketing

14th September 2017 9

Lots of you seem to really like my last affiliate marketing article on how I…

combat spam SEO

How to combat Spam SEO

10th September 2017 5

There is nothing worst when you’re working really hard on your blog and you get…

How One Blog Post Made Me £200

6th September 2017 21

It crazy to make this statement, but it true! Here is how one blog post…

Now summer is coming to an end and we’re finally over the summer holiday period. Here is my August 2017 blog traffic report and how I achieved my 25,000 page views.

Blog Traffic | August 2017

31st August 2017 13

Now summer is coming to an end and we’re finally over the summer holiday period….


A Guide to Backlinks and How It Will Benefit Your SEO

20th August 2017 18

For those who are serious about working on their blog/website SEO, then it time that…

blog reviewed part 4

Blog Reviewed Part 4

16th August 2017 4

This time we are going back in time with blog reviewed.  A very popular little…

5 tips for SEO success

5 Tips for SEO Success

13th August 2017 12

As I have been explaining various factor on how to do SEO for your blog/website…

Blog Traffic | July 2017

1st August 2017 31

If I can get big cheers please, as July was an amazing month. Here is…

a guide to domain authority

A Guide to Domain Authority and How It Will Help Your SEO

30th July 2017 9

When doing SEO for your site, the topic of Domain Authority always confuses people. Here…