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how to make money writing a blog

How to Make Money Writing a Blog

4th February 2018 9

A search termed I found myself Googling a few years ago when looking to blog…

ultimate blogging & SEO guide

The Ultimate Blogging & SEO Guide

3rd February 2018 18

I feel I have written so much over the past year on blogging and SEO,…

bloggers who hard sells their affiliate links

Bloggers Who Hard Sells Their Affiliate Links

1st February 2018 1

After receiving a complaint about my affiliate links, I thought I would do a quick…

Shareasale for your affiliate marketing

Here Why to use Shareasale for Your Affiliate Marketing

31st January 2018 5

This is to the benefits of my overseas and US readers. If you are looking…

5 tips on how to grow on Instagram

5 Tips On How to Grow On Instagram

18th January 2018 8

I’m obsessed with Instagram and spend a large portion of my day on there. I…

my best Twitter advice on gaining new followers

My Best Twitter Advice On Gaining New Followers

8th January 2018 9

I love Twitter, not just because it is the best way to get traffic to…

my top blog posts for 2017

My Top Blog Posts for 2017

28th December 2017 6

Another year is coming to a close. So I thought now would be the best…

blog reviewed part 7

Blogs Reviewed part 7

17th December 2017 0

It that time again for me to review your blog. A very popular little blog…

my experiences with blogging full time

My Experiences with Blogging Full Time

14th December 2017 13

Blogging as a job is still a pretty new concept and something that not a…

November 2017 blog traffic report

Blog Traffic | November 2017

30th November 2017 4

November was a slow month, but that ok. We are nearly at the end of…