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shy in a vlogging world

Being Shy in a Vlogging World

15th October 2018 1

As we move into a video world where video content seems to be the way…

apps I use for Instagram

Apps I use for Instagram

15th August 2018 2

Talking about recently the 5 phone apps I can’t live without got me thinking, what…

5 useful websites for bloggers

5 Useful Websites for Bloggers

4th August 2018 1

There is so many resources and info out there when getting into blogging, it easy…

moving this site to HTTPS

Moving This Site to HTTPS

3rd July 2018 0

This is a little note to say that over the next few days, business will…

blog from scratch

How to start a Blog from Scratch

25th June 2018 0

Today I’m looking into actually creating a blog from scratch. What are the steps you…

7 new ways to get traffic to your blog

7 New Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

11th June 2018 2

Some old avenue for blog traffic is closing down, while no opportunity opens up. Here…

5 ways to support the blog you love

5 Ways to Support the Blogs You Love

3rd May 2018 1

There been lots of talk on blogosphere about bloggers not getting enough love from their…

my 5 favourite blogging tools

My 5 Favourite Blogging Tools

24th April 2018 1

For any bloggers, there are plenty of tools we couldn’t live without. So I thought…

the positive benefits of blogging

The Positive Benefits of Blogging

15th April 2018 0

Have you ever taken a moment and thought about the positive benefit of blogging? Well,…

Part 8 blog reviewed

Part 8 | Who Want Their Blog Reviewed

26th February 2018 4

Who wants their blog reviewed? A very popular little blog series and a big blogging…