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giving up the pressure of blogging

Why I Gave Up the Pressure of Blogging

4th May 2019 1

Until recently I was very much into the pressure point when it came to blogging….

places to buy WordPress themes

Places To Buy WordPress Themes

6th April 2019 0

I’m sure you heard about the recent Pigdip drama if you haven’t – where have…

5 Twitter accounts I love to see every day

5 Twitter Accounts I love to See Every day

11th March 2019 0

As I have said before, I’m a twittering idiot as Twitter is one of my…

10 good and bad things about working from home.

10 Good and Bad Things About Working from Home

27th January 2019 0

I’m fortunate in the fact that I get to work from home. But the reality…

I love Twitter

Why I love Twitter

10th January 2019 0

If I had to choose one social media to use, I would choose Twitter. Here…

my top blog posts for 2018

My Top Blog Posts for 2018

29th December 2018 1

Another year is coming to a close. So I thought now would be the best…

Christmas gifts ideas for bloggers

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Bloggers

11th December 2018 0

If you are planning on starting blogging in the new year’s, but not sure where…

10 tips on Tailwind

10 Tips on Tailwind

12th November 2018 0

Want to rock your Pinterest marketing? Well, of course, you do. Let me share with…

my blogging tasks when there isn’t enough time to do everything

My blogging tasks when there isn’t enough time to do everything

22nd October 2018 0

One of the most frustrating things about being a blogger is that… well… sometimes there…

5 things I have learnt from being a full-time blogger

5 Things I Have learnt from Being a Full-Time Blogger

16th October 2018 1

With more and more people switching from traditional employment to self-employment where they planned to…