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5 things that made me happy recently

5 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

8th April 2018 3

It always nice to look back at recent events and see what made you smile….

5 reasons for why I’m excited about spring

5 Reasons For Why I’m Excited About Spring

10th March 2018 1

With winter finally over, I’m looking ahead to the year. So here are 5 reasons…

hello March

Hello March

1st March 2018 2

Finally, we’re in the third month of the year. Here a little update on me…

ask me anything spring 2018

Ask me Anything | Spring 2018

19th February 2018 4

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your one chance to ask me anything you want. I…

my guilty pleasures

My Guilty Pleasures

18th February 2018 2

For a little Sunday fun, I have been tagged by Lauretta to share my guilty…

my beauty cupboard

My Beauty Cupboard

1st February 2018 0

Some girls dream of having a cupboard filled with beauty products galore, well for me…

a shopaholic wardrobe

A Shopaholic Wardrobe

30th January 2018 0

I like to think that you can never wear or buy enough clothes. So watch…

afternoon tea with friends

Afternoon Tea with Friends

29th January 2018 4

It a very British thing to do, have afternoon tea. But what makes it not…

Monopoly date night

Monopoly Date Night

28th January 2018 2

What do you get when it dates night with a twist? Well in our cases,…

I’m not keen on bloggers events

Why I’m not keen on Blogger Events

14th January 2018 12

I feel really bad and such a loser by writing this, but I feel I…