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The goals I want to achieve before the end of 2018

The Goals I want to Achieve Before the End of 2018

3rd September 2018 4

Now summer is over, and I’m embracing Autumn to the fullest. I’m also thinking about…

5 fun facts about me

5 Fun Facts About Me (2018)

30th August 2018 1

I have writer block and it has left me stumped. And then dawn on me,…

disconnect with technology

The Need to Disconnect with Technology When It Breaks Down On Me

14th August 2018 1

Sometimes I have to admit defeat when technology breaks down. Sometimes I have the need…

rain, waffles and white fur

My Week of Rain, Waffles and White Fur

11th August 2018 0

A new feature where I share with you what been going on in my week…

5 phone apps I can’t live without

5 Phone Apps I can’t live without

9th August 2018 0

It fair to say I’m pretty damn addicted to my phone. I can’t live without…

why I’m scared for the future

Why I’m Scared For The Future

26th July 2018 0

While some like to look ahead and imagine what the future will be like. Me,…

5 things that making me happy this week (July 2018)

5 Things That Making Me Happy this week (July 2018)

26th July 2018 3

The heatwave has fried my brain like a boiled egg, so let skip the intro…

Slimming World Online

5 Reasons why I Joined Slimming World Online

12th July 2018 0

In the past month, I said goodbye to Weight Watcher and hello to Slimming World…

how I’m surviving the heatwave of 2018

Here How I’m Surviving the Heatwave of 2018

11th July 2018 3

With the UK gripped in the midst of a scorching heatwave, I’m simply just trying…

5 things that have me smile recently

5 Things That Have Made Me Smile Recently

4th July 2018 0

No need to be angry or glum. Look on the bright side of life. So…