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new year anxiety

My New Year Anxiety

5th January 2019 1

We are only 5 days into the new year, and already the anxiety has started….

what I’m looking forward to in 2019

What I’m looking forward to in 2019

1st January 2019 2

Now 2018 is out of the way; I’m looking ahead. So here is what I’m…

my end of the year 2018 quiz

My End of the Year – 2018

31st December 2018 2

It that time again, where I do my annually traditional end of the year quiz….

feeling I’m not good enough

The constant feeling I’m not good enough

24th November 2018 6

I’m not even sure how to start it. So please bear with me, and I’m…

5 things I have been loving lately | November 2018

5 Things I Have Been Loving Lately | November 2018

22nd November 2018 0

I’m always looking for new things in life to try out or to something that…

new hair, a new camera and a new perspective

New Hair, New Camera and a New Perspective

4th November 2018 6

With only 57 days till the end of the year, I feel like I’m ready…

Halloween spirit

Why I’m not in the Halloween spirit this year

10th October 2018 0

Generally, around October, I get into my spooky groove and start to enjoy the long…

the upside and downside of Anna Nuttall

The Upside and Downside of Anna Nuttall

30th September 2018 3

I haven’t done a life update on me for a very long time, so I…

Living DNA

Living DNA

24th September 2018 0

We all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, who are we? Well, it…

5 things I like to do in my spare time

5 Things I like to do in My Spare Time

17th September 2018 1

I always get asked by people, what do I like to do in my spare…