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Sunday roast dinner

Sunday Roast Dinner

7th May 2017 6

Sunday, a day of relaxation and for the good old fashion Sunday roast dinner. It…


The Kitchen Essential | Breadmaker

5th April 2017

I have a friend daughter who recently brought her first home. I’ve been there, so…

how to make the perfect homemade fries

How to make the perfect homemade Fries?

23rd February 2017 11

I just love my French fries. But one thing that have always baffled me –…

Homemade Lemon Cake

15th February 2017 24

When life give you lemon, go and bake lemon cake off course! Well in my…

Christmas party foods

Christmas Party Foods Evening

23rd December 2016 5

Apart from the presents and the turkey dinner. Christmas party foods make everything so much…

gingerbread men

The crumbly gingerbread men fail

22nd December 2016 10

While some people are gingerbread men expert. For me it’s always the crumbly gingerbread men…

Spaghetti Bolognese

Winter Comfort Food | Spaghetti Bolognese

17th December 2016 8

When you are feeling completely lousy and all you want to do is curl up…

Orange Hot Chocolate

DIY: Orange Hot chocolate

3rd December 2016 40

As I’m kind of addicted to hot chocolate and Its nearing Christmas, I thought I…

Nachos The Old El Paso Way

How To Make Nachos The Old El Paso Way

2nd November 2016 20

One dark gloomy autumn evening, we decided that cooking was too much of a hassle…

chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

16th October 2016 18

Now I know I say this every time I attempt to do any baking –…