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4 nostalgic shows on Netflix

4 Nostalgic Shows On Netflix

27th February 2017 50

With winter still dragging its heels and with the weather being so cold and miserable….

the trailer been better than the film

4 time the trailer is better than the film

25th January 2017 12

I’m a self-proclaimed movie-addict, I love going to the cinema and I love seeing what…

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp And Why I’m Rooting For Her On SCD

7th November 2016 6

This is kind of a follow up to a post I write a year ago…

Isn’t it time to turn down the Heat?

18th June 2016 21

We all want to see our name in lights, the glamour and the glitter. Fame…

Absolutely Fabulous Sweetie Darling

17th December 2012 2

Absolutely Fabulous was a sitcom that ran for over 10 years on the bbc. Growing…