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24 hours in Paris

5th February 2019 1

What can you do when you only have 24 hours in Paris? The answer: quite…

Vapiano Gothenburg

Vapiano Gothenburg

5th December 2018 1

Back to my tale across Europe earlier this year, let me tell you about Vapiano…

nighttime walk around Copenhagen

A Nighttime Walk Around Copenhagen

5th November 2018 1

Early this year I went travelling around Europe. Well, I have already written a little…

Humberg Cath Kidston pyjamas party

A Humberg Cath Kidston Pyjamas Party

2nd May 2018 4

A stopover trip while on our way to Denmark, I had a Humberg Cath Kidston…

24 hours in Brussels

24 hours in Brussels

26th March 2018 3

More tale of my recent backpacking travels across Europe. I’m now starting from the beginning…

Hotell Barken Viking

Hotell Barken Viking

21st March 2018 2

If you like your hotel on a quirkier side of things, and you happen to…

top 5 reasons why to travel around Europe

Top 5 Reasons Why to Travel Around Europe

12th December 2017 10

As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of travelling throughout Europe. So if…

5 reasons why to visit Paris

5 Reasons Why to Visit Paris

28th November 2017 12

Visiting what is dubbed, the most romantic city in the world is always good fun….

5 reasons why to visit Switzerland

5 Reasons why to Visit Switzerland

21st November 2017 14

Still going through memory lane, and reminiscing my last Europe trip. After visiting Paris, we…

5 reasons to visit Amsterdam

5 Reasons to visit Amsterdam

14th November 2017 9

I have been going through memory lane, especially remembering our last Europe trip. How we…