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Baileys Strawberry & Cream

Baileys Strawberry & Cream

14th July 2018 1

There a new kind of Baileys that available right now and it limited edition. If…

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4 Refreshing Cocktails Drinks That Are Perfect for The Summer Heat

21st June 2017 15

Summer just wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t have a refreshing cocktail drink to cool…


Show Your Pride with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly’s Stride of Pride Cocktail

3rd August 2016 15

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has been out and proud for over 25 years and to…

Golden Summertime Iced Tea Cocktail

8th June 2016 58

I’m not a big vodka fan and I rarely have it at home. However if I…

Vita Coco summer recipes for the August Bank Holiday

20th August 2015 0

Vita Coco coconut water is perfect for keeping you hydrated during the summer as it is full of potassium and bursting with…

Cocktail Recipe: Strawberry Colada

9th October 2014 1

Mmmm favorite cocktails at the moment is the Strawberry Colada. I had it last night when i…