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writing a book

Project number 2 | I’m Writing a Book

5th September 2017 6

I showed you yesterday my new project, now I’m telling you my project number 2….

The Creative Space Journal

Book | The Creative Space Journal

7th August 2017 18

Even the most creative and imaginative people on the planet, do suffer from creativity block….

more magazines

More Magazines I Have Discovered

8th July 2017 14

I have mentioned magazines quite a few time now, so I thought today I will…

Amazon Prime Reading

Unlimited Summer Books with Amazon Prime Reading

5th June 2017 14

I’m sure many of you are going on holiday this summer. How would you like…

magazines I read

Magazines I Read And Subscribe To

3rd June 2017 19

On a lazy Saturday morning, there is something quite comforting with lying in bed and…


Blogosphere | A Magazine for Bloggers by Bloggers

15th April 2017 16

If you fancy something a little different to read then all your usual magazine, then…

5 Best Science Books For Children

2nd June 2016 25

Most parents have heard it all before, ‘science is boring…’ well there’s a way to…

4 Must-Have Books To Read On Your Tablet

3rd February 2015 2

Today I’m turning a new page on my blog history as I don’t think I’ve…