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current state of the blog for the moment

Current State of the Blog for The Moment

21st May 2019 3

I know I haven’t been here and yes, I know, there is nothing more annoying…

guest post requests

The Continuing Spiral of Guest Post Requests

11th May 2019 2

As a blogger, it really does surprise me how many guest post requests I get…

what would you like to see on here

What Would You Like to See On Here?

19th January 2019 2

I have writer block right now, and right now I feel I have hit a…

my plan on doing Blogmas this year

My Plan on Doing Blogmas This Year

26th November 2018 3

Christmas is coming, and that can only mean one thing: Blogmas. Here my plan on…

PR samples

PR Samples to Try Out

29th July 2018 3

It always fun to try out new products. So I thought I would do something…


A Belated Blogiversary

26th December 2017 17

What with Christmas celebration, and just general running around on a daily basis; I completely…

UK blog award 2018

I Entered The UK Blog Award 2018

10th December 2017 16

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago to see this blog was put forward…

my top blog posts for 2016

My Top Blog Posts for 2016

30th December 2016 3

It that time of the year to sit back and to reminisce about the past…

My Blogmas Challenge

My Blogmas Challenge 2016

29th November 2016 8

“Sleigh bells ring, Are you listening, In the lane Snow is glistening, A beautiful sight,…

Putting all the pieces back together

17th January 2016 3

Ok so this is my first official blog post 2016 and what are we? 17…