I would like to introduce a brand new website that has recently started up, taking inspirations from Camden Market in north London; this a little quirky independent online shopping site you don’t want to miss.

 Camden town Website

I recently caught up with the owners of this new shop and has a little Q&A, here she explains about

In a few short word what is the philosophy behind 

We are dedicated to promoting the great independent design that first emerged from Camden Town in London and is now our everyday inspiration and moto.

Why did you decide to set up

We wanted to create a platform where we could showcase all the great, talented designs that unfortunately many times go unseen due to mass produced fashion.

Why the name ‘Camden town’ and why the association with Camden Market?

The whole team has a very strong connection with Camden Town and it is also a signature market and borough in London. It has been home for independent, quality and quirky, original design for decades and that is exactly what we want to be for online shoppers. That quirkiness and originality represents all of us and our brand, and people that love Camden Market will love our store.

 Would you say the jewellery and the clothes are more vintage or bohemian? They are pieces that won’t be found on the high street.

We have a wide selection of pieces that cover most significant vibes and styles representative of Camden Town. Our jewellery is vintage, and bohemian, and classic and casual, and edgy, we try to curate as many styles as we feel represent us and will appeal our customers.

What make Camden Market (and the town borough of London) so special?

It is a special area, there is something in the air, in the streets and its people. There is freedom to express yourself through your clothes and feel at ease. It is daring and edgy but also accepting and harmonious. It is just a great area with bubbling talent, and that is why people keep coming and it remains a statement location in London.

To anyone visiting the market what would be your advice?

Don’t skip anything, the most amazing item can be waiting in the tiniest corner!

Where do you get your clothes and accessories from? Where do you buy them?

We don’t buy our clothes, we research and make connections with designers that make outstanding pieces. When someone’s designs catch our eyes, we contact them and tell them about our initiative, philosophy and store, and invite them to join us. So far, we have had great acceptance amongst the independent design community and we aplpan to keep on growing.

What do you hope to achieve with this new venture?

We aim to become an online space of reference for anybody looking for original, full of character and high quality designs, as well as a signature curator for truly talented designers.

I have picked a few of my favorite items from the website, which one do you like as well:


The website has vast informations on the Camden Market in North London, so it worthwhile checking out so you can visit the famous market place.

What do you think?

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  • lulu
    April 2, 2014

    cool shop <3

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