On a cold dark evening, where the only sound to be heard is the howling wind outside. Settled down within the comfort of your home and read some bone-chilling ghost books.

Imagine this scene, where it a pitch black evening with little visible moonlight. There’s a chill in the air. You are home alone and the only sound to be heard is the water dripping from a nearby sink.  Settling down in your favourite chair at home, you placed a mug of steaming hot chocolate to the side. Pick up a book and start to read; as you are reading you feel a cold shiver run down your back, and the hairs on your arm stand up.

Those are the kind of evening where it can be fun to scare yourself silly for a few hours. It the kind of evening where all you want to do is lose yourself in good bone-chilling ghost books.

If you’re like me and enjoy scaring yourself silly with a good ghost story; then I have a few suggestions to show you. I have selected a few bone-chilling ghost books – that will indeed chill you to the bones.

So sit back, hit those lights and enjoys.

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