The Body Shop £20 challenge

 I set myself a little beauty challenge last week, I like to set myself little beauty challenge as It fun for me to see if I can reach my desire target.

This specific challenge was me visiting my local The Body Shop store and to see how much I can buy with just £20. A simple enough challenge doesn’t you think so?

What I did was visited Covent garden last week to put my challenge into action. If you know me, you would know I never turn down a chance to visit Covent Garden. It my favorite part of London and always full of quirky shops, street performers and cupcake cafes.

The Body Shop £20 challenge

I managed my £20 The Body Shop challenge and here are my results. Please note everything you see here is exactly £20. It’s a Bargain if you ask me! I will admit the actual things came to £25 – outside my budget. However, once I put The Body Shop store card through the till, it took £5 off. *phew* I didn’t have to be that awkward customer who have to take things off the bill.  Let me talk you though my purchases.

Spiced Apple Shower Gel – £5

I cannot express how amazing this is! This shower gel smell of fresh green apple picked from the tree. I cannot stop sniffing it. If you’re a fan of fresh fruity scent, then you will love this.

Pink Grapefruit Gel Lotion – £3

This remind me a tropical beach on an exotic island. The smell might be a little over powering for some, but for me – I can’t stop sniffing it. It a sweet punchy smell that linger on the skin after usages.

Mango Cleanse Gel – £2

If you like soft hand that smell lightly of mango, then you will like this cleanse gel. If I’m honest you can barely smell the mango. But using this on your hand will feel clean and soft afterward.

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel – £2

Another pink grapefruit gel. This isn’t as over powering as the lotion. For me the smell reminds me of a fruit salad on tropical beach.  Once again It a sweet punchy smell that linger on the skin after usages.

Mango Body Whip – £3

This is quite a sweet soft smell. I’m personally not a big fan of mango scented lotion/cream, admittedly I brought this for a gift set I’m doing for my sister in law.

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter- £5

For once, this doesn’t have a smell. Well apart from the standard creamy smell you usually get in body butter. This does look interesting as the ingredient is listed to contain green tea leaves.

Strawberry Soap – £2

I’m sure most of us have tried at least one The Body Shop soap once. This soap is supposed to contain strawberry juice. And if you love the scent of strawberry, then you will love this.

Vitamin E Lip Balm – £5

I always get dry lips at this time of the year so lip balm is a necessary! This will stay in my handbag. I also read that vitamin E is good for the lips.

So that was my challenge, I hope you have enjoyed what I brought. Doing a £20 The Body Shop challenge is easier than you think. The trick is, you just need to be clever with your money.

I am also collaborating with Hannah Slack who also wrote her lifestyle and beauty haul here.