Blogs Reviewed part 3

The time have come for me to review your blogs. Are you ready for blog reviewed part 3?

I always have an overwhelming response to my blog reviewed, this little series is becoming extremely popular. A big thank you to everyone who put in a request and I will review up to 5 blogs on here.  Don’t despair if I don’t choose your blog this time, this will be a regular monthly feature so perhaps try again next time.

I would also appreciate if you all show support to these bloggers and give them a big cheers and go visit their site.

Anyway let get started:

Sweet Allure

First up I really like the blog name. It’s very catchy and relate to your blog.

The layout is nice and clean. It also responsive (it work well on my Samsung phone and tablet) and the menu is very clear with suitable drop-down menu. I also like how the menu is yellow – just give the site some colour.

When it comes to how you laid out your blog posts I really like it.  I like how you laid out the feature images and how it kind of zig zag on the front page. All your features images are eyes catchy and does make me want to click on one of your blog post.

5 Pet Peeves That Drive Me Nuts is the one blog post I clicked on. I have found your texts a little small so maybe go up a size up to make it a little bigger. Overall your blog post Is well laid out and clear enough to read.

I always like to read about pages on people blogs as that where you find more information about the blogger. I felt like I learnt a little about you as you used a big images showing who you are and a few paragraph explaining about you. On an additional and unrelated note, I’m damn jealous you are video games tester.



I am kind of curious as why you named the blog Chicken Ruby?

The layout it nice and clean. The header does grab your attentions and does it make it feel that this blog is very much an online diary.

This blog has an overall feeling that this is very much a family online diary. However, my only complaint is that I can seem to find an about page. As a first time visitor I come onto here and I have no idea who or what this blog is about, and that could put people off returning. You know how in paper diary you have a page at the front where you can put all your details in – do something similar with this blog. Treat the about page as a front page to a diary.

All the blog posts are laid out on the front page so no need to click on it. Very nicely laid out with clear paragraphs and photos.

This is overall a homey family blog diary and I have no real complaint.


Tantrums to Smiles

The name of this blog make me smile, as it feels like this is a family homey blog.

The layout is nice and clean. Very easy to navigate with the clear menu. The colourful header does give the overall blog a cheery feeling.

This blog has an overall feeling that this is very much a family online diary. As a first time visitor I feel I want to learn more about you, so I clicked onto your about me page.

This is a very sweet About me page as it details on who you are and also your family. I feel I know who this blogger/writer is and I want to read on and learn more about you.

All the blog posts are laid on the front page so need to click on one.  Very nicely laid out with clear paragraphs and photos.

My only tiny complaint is that the sidebar looked a little crammed in. My suggestion is to make the social media buttons smaller and tidy it up with all the follower’s buttons. Also maybe have a reshuffle on your footer as it just a grey area that doesn’t really help the reader.

This is overall a homey family blog diary and I have no real complaint.


Funky Texas Traveler

First up when I read your blog name it made me want to go yee haw! I like the name of this blog and I feel this is very catchy and relatable to this blog.

The layout it nice and clean. However, I kind of feel that the front page look is a little busy. Like every each of the front page is crammed with texts and images. Maybe look at a way to spaced it out. Just from my perspective I don’t know which one blog post I want to click on first.

As soon as I come onto your site I have a pop up and a subscription tab at the top. Loose the popup and just keep the subscription tab.

The navigation is clear with appropriate drop down menu.

I click on your about page and the first thing I see is a video for dung beetles. This kind of confused me at first until I read the little bullet point underneath. It only on the second paragraph that you give a little explanation on who you are.  My advice is to move the second paragraph at the top and put the dung beetle’s bits at the bottom. When a visitor comes to your site and click on your about page, they want to learn about you and want to understand what this blog is all about. Have a reshuffle and try to picture it from a visitor perspective.

I clicked on Marfa on Monday blog post. Overall the blog post itself is clear and easy to read. It spaced out with nice paragraph. However, upon reading it I’m left with questions, who Shaun? To those who isn’t familiar with Texas, what is Marfa? It might be a good idea to explain to your reader little details so they are not confused when reading.

Overall my advice would to try and look at the site from a visitor perspective and look at where you can make improvement.


My Busy Mom Life

The name of this blog sound very family/kids/mom oriented.

The layout is clean and nice – however I’m a little confused. This doesn’t feel like a blog but a site that is unorganized. As a first time visitor I would be confused as to whether this is a blog or just a template website.

I would be looking around to find the blog button or somewhere that will tell me more information on what this site is supposed to be.

My advice would be to lose the front static page as it just look confusing and unorganized and go straight into the blog. Also don’t make the categories button open into a new tab – I feel it will just confuse the visitor.

Or if you do want to have a static front page, maybe perhaps look at these Bluechic examples and see how they organized their front page.

Once I do click onto one of your blog categories, the blog itself is laid out clearly and very nice. All the blog posts are laid out on the front page so no need to click on it. Very nicely laid out with clear paragraphs and photos.

This is another thing that confuse me – how the blog name doesn’t really relate to what your blog is about. When I read the name I was picturing a typical mom/family blog but so far I’ve found none of that. I’m mentioning this as any visitor who comes to your site might also be confused.

You have on your about me page, a few details about your family but there nowhere else on the site mentioned it.  I also noticed that when I click on the header it takes me back to the unorganized front page.

Overall it need a complete reshuffle and reorganized. The blog/site is a little messy and it would confuse any new visitor. Look at those Bluechic examples and once again try to look at it from an outside visitor perspective.


This is it for this month, I will do this more next month. I look forward to doing this again.

What do you think?

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  • Shirley Corder
    May 18, 2017

    This was great. I enjoyed opening the blogs you were reviewing and seeing your comments. So even though I didn’t have the courage to show you my site, I still learned from this. Thank you!

  • Lacee
    May 18, 2017

    I’ve never thought of offering reviews for other bloggers. Good idea!

  • S.M.BoneyIV
    May 18, 2017

    I love the blog reviews. It’s helpful to read your reviews because I can apply them to my site. Great job, keep pumping out these great posts. If you don’t mind looking at my website, I would love your feedback.

  • Tasha DaCosta
    May 18, 2017

    I love this!!! What an opportunity to have an un-biased review of your blog. I think you were very honest in your comments and I totally agree about how great Bluchic layouts/templates are for blogs, I can’t wait to ready your review for next month and I’m totally considering entering mine as well!!

  • Mishelle Milne
    May 18, 2017

    What a great idea, reviewing blogs! I love this. I get to see other peoples pages that I normally wouldn’t have found. Review me! Review me! 😀

  • what an interesting post! I haven’t read any blogged blog reviews before. This is such a good idea for discovering new blogs

  • Damares
    May 19, 2017

    Great choice og blogs and I’d love to be reviewed too 😀
    I’ve never seen this type of thing.
    I’ll try to participate in it.

  • Jenn
    May 19, 2017

    I love that you do this!! Check out my blog sometime!

    May 19, 2017

    Woa! Would you do the same for mine? 😀

  • Keesha
    May 20, 2017

    I love this and would like to have my blog reviewed! 🙂

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Blogs Reviewed part 3

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