If you fancy something a little different to read then all your usual magazine, then you might want to check out Blogosphere magazine.

I use to be a magazine junkie. Where I would buy up to 20 magazines a week! I would travel up to central London to visit the Selfridge Whsmith, this was where I could buy loads of international magazine titles.

This addiction is what lead me to study Fashion Journalism at uni. I wanted to work in women’s magazines. But then I graduated and I realized my heart was in online publishing, mainly blogging.

Once I graduated I kind of eased off buying magazine, mainly due to Richard nagging me to stop buying so many! He kept giving me an ear-full that we have nowhere to put it all.  He did have a point, keeping a lots of magazine does take up room.  When we brought our place and moved a few years ago, I threw out a loads or donated them to magazine collectors.  So I don’t quite have so many now.

So yes, I do like my magazine reading. Who does? It pure bliss sitting on sofa reading a magazine. It gives you space to have me time I feel.

Recently I discovered a new kind of magazine that is aimed at bloggers. Blogosphere. It a magazine for bloggers written by bloggers. Sound intriguing doesn’t it? Let me tell you more about it.

The magazine was founded by Alice Audley, who had started a blog as a means to break into the world of journalism. Though it was only meant to be a stepping-stone into the media industry, Alice quickly fell in love with blogging and with all it represented; especially the freedom for anyone to have a voice and share their thoughts and passions with the rest of the world.

I actually bumped into Alice a few time at various bloggers events, this was how I came to find out about the Blogosphere magazine.


If you are serious about blogging and want to learn more about what is involved, then you need to pick this up. As this magazine is jammed-packed with information that will help you. For example, it recently has an article on how to do your taxes for your blog. This I found interesting as I always get confused with taxes – but then again who doesn’t?

Every issue features well known bloggers, such as Zoella, Fleur de force and Victoria from inthefrow. It always an interesting read with these bloggers as you get a different perspective from what you read on their blog.

The magazine also has a section for where you can feature your own blog. It also a good place to discovered new bloggers.

So as I was saying, if you want to learn more, connect with new bloggers and read from a different perspective then you need to pick up Blogosphere.

However, before you start running out to your nearest Whsmith. I believe this magazine is only available at their website or at selected bookstore across the UK.

I recently subscribed to this and I feel it worthwhile doing. The magazine comes out 4 time in a year and for £25 a year, each new issue will be delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t miss out and subscribed today. Remember Blogosphere is a magazine for bloggers by bloggers.