Bloggers shout-out Halloween special

Us bloggers like to have fun around Halloween. So I decided this week to give a blogger shout out to all thing dedicated to Halloween. Here are my Bloggers shout-out Halloween special.

It true though, us bloggers do like to have fun around Halloween. I mean look at me – I’ve dedicated a whole week to Halloween and it not over yet. For bloggers, it gives us a chance to show our readers the spooky and fun side. Writing for Halloween bring out the cooking, crafts, costume/dressed-up, and the weird side that we wouldn’t normally show – or at least write about.

What I’m saying is, when it comes to Halloween there no shortage of topics to write about. And it allowed us to show a different side then what we normally do throughout the year.

Anyway on Friday, as part of my Halloween special Blogger links-up, I asked you all to link up your best Halloween posts. And I will select a few to showcase on here for a special blog post.

So that what I’m going to do. I have selected 5 Halloween posts written by other bloggers and I will show them all to you. Do visit these blogger’s blog post and give them a cheer rather a boo (a cheer better than going boo, don’t you think?).


A Halloween Romance // When I Grow Up

A short fiction tale of a Halloween romance. It not all spooky scary fun kids. Halloween can have a little romance after all. A cute little story was written by Helen.

9 Brilliant Ways to Get Rid of Your Leftover Halloween Candy // Up Run for Life

Trick or treat never been a big thing growing up and I do lots of streets in the UK has a Trick or Treat ban. So growing up on Halloween I never had candy or knocking on people door. I also never had the dilemma of leftover candy.  But the writer for Up run for life has written a brilliant guide on how to get rid of leftover Halloween candy. This might be handy if you do get a lot of trick or treats.

Easy Halloween Decorations Free Printables for Tin Can Crafts // Everyday Parties

My niece who is 3 this year is slowly learning about Halloween. She sees the fun side – not the spooky side. So when I came across Everyday parties posts on easy Halloween decoration free printable, I knew this would be a fun activity I could do with my niece. A nice blog post on easy craft with your little one.

Nightmares Are Made of This // Boots, shoes and Fashion

A nice interview with the author of the book, Nightmares are made of this by Boots, Shoes and Fashion blogger, Linda. If you need to find a new illustrated book to read to kids, then I advise you to check out this blog interview.

2017 Fall/Halloween decorations Guide // Modern Day Gramma

If you want to deck your house with Halloween décor, but need a little guidance. Then check out modern day gramma for her 2017 fall/Halloween decorations guide. There is something for everyone.

Bloggers shout-out Halloween special

That was my Bloggers shout-out Halloween special. Keep rocking on bloggers.