I don’t know about you, but I felt May went very fast. It was over before you had a chance to blink. Here how I achieved my 20,000 page views in May.

May blog traffic 2017

My May blog traffic didn’t exactly set the roof on fire this month. But I can’t be too disappointed as we are in what a lot of bloggers are calling the ‘summer slump’. This month we had nicer weather, two bank holiday weekends and longer days, just meant that more people were enjoying their self. And quite frankly I can’t blame them.

My top 5 most popular posts from May:

Once again I decided not to based my popular posts on page views, but on how much engagement each post received. I mentioned in my April Post that 2 of my blog post went semi-viral; however, I had nothing like that this month. But I did get a lot of new readers and a lot of new views. So if you are one of the new people here, well hello there. My advice would be to pull up a chair, brew a cup of tea and get comfy, as folks I’m only getting started.

How did people find my Blog?

My top 3 results came largely from Stumbleupon, Twitter and Organic Searches:

Stumbleupon (SU):

SU was another fantastic and brilliant result. This month I gave it my full attention and it has paid off. I think this what I needed to stop my traffic from crashing.

Since I wrote my SU post from last month, so many of you have been asking me questions. And a lot of these questions are about the lack of traffic from SU and being ghost banned. Well here is my response and how you can you can work to resolved this problem:

It seems like your site has been ‘ghost banned’. This is when SU put a block on your account. It might have felt that you were spamming your account – which I’m sure you weren’t! But perhaps their anti-spam tool picked up something.

My advice is – be active and leave SU alone for your site for the time being. Meaning don’t try to build traffic from it. When I say be active on SU, try to build followers and just browse the platform. What I love about SU is that it helps me discover really cool sites that I would otherwise never have found. So just pick an interest and just browse.

I myself for example, love browsing on all the paranormal stuff so I tend to spend hours looking at everything. When you find something cool – give it a thumb up and add it to your like. I also find that if you enjoyed one such cool site and it has social media buttons then share it on your platform. I find SU reward you if you share people sites onto social media. I also find it reward you if you comment on a blog post – but don’t leave a spammy comment.

Also browse other people following – what are they stumbling? Take a look and that can hopefully help you build up a following.

Once you done that for a while, slowly start adding your site, give it a test run and see how it goes. Slowly start adding other people sites to your SU. If you join in with lots of Facebook SU threads – try to just join in with one and see how that goes.

It might take a while for SU to take off your block but it not permanent and there is way to unblock yourself.

If you haven’t read my SU post, then read it today.


Another month of unexpected and pleasant surprise from Twitter. I think it did help that I encourage my readers more to share my blog post on Twitter and it turns that brought in more readers and new traffic.

I found people were retweeting my blog links tweets, my mentions were filled of people tweeting both my old and new blog posts. This was amazing and I didn’t expect such lovely attention.  One thing I did do was post more on twitter and use the appropriate hashtags.  It well worth turning your attention to Twitter.

I have written a blog post on how to get traffic via Twitter.

Organic searches:

My organic searches were another big success throughout May. This is what I think kicked my traffic into gear. Let just say, without it – my traffic would have been a lot lower.

I’m planning in June to start to writing more in-depth SEO blog series. I think it will be beneficial to you as everyday I’m always reading how people are confused with this SEO business. I’m here to clear things up.

I achieved high traffic source from organic searches by using various simple technique.  I wrote high keywords post, what I mean by this is I wrote post that I know will do well in Google. It all comes down to me using my Google keyword tool into my SEO strategy and using high search term within a blog post.

If that sound confusing, don’t worry as I’ve written a tutorial on how to use Google keyword tool for your blog.

Also it might be helpful to read my post on how to make your blog more SEO friendly.

What didn’t work in March:

Pinterest. It was another month of it just hovering off the ground not moving anywhere. I’m still unclear on what happen. Those by the end of the month I was getting a lot of re-pins so It could pick up again June.

May blog traffic

And that was my May blog traffic report. It was a bloody brilliant month and a big thank you so much for supporting me. It means the universe to me that my blog is doing so well and I couldn’t have done it with you – Thank you so much everyone.