It that time again for me to review your blog. A very popular little blog series and a big blogging success. The time have come for me to review your blogs.  Are you ready for blog reviewed part 6?

We all like to hear positive blogging advice, especially when it comes to our own little corner of the web. I like to think that it’s always nice to hear how well you getting on and to hear fair criticism comments, don’t you think?

I always have an overwhelming response to my blog reviewed part 6, this little series is becoming extremely popular. A big thank you to everyone who put in a request and I will review up to 4 blogs on here.  Don’t despair if I don’t choose your blog this time, this will be a regular monthly feature so perhaps try again next time.

I would also appreciate if you all show support to these bloggers and give them a big cheers and go visit their site.

Raising My Little Superheroes

This I can see straight away, that this blog is very much a mum/children blog. Though I read this more of a diary blog then a blog about being a mum or a kid/family originated subject. What I’m saying is, this blog feels very personal and has a very personal feel to it.

Having said that, your personal diary post caters around your kid’s autism (I hope that is ok to say that on here); which I feel set you apart from the hundreds and hundreds of other personal diary family/kids blog.

Use that as your main anchor for the blog, the facts your kids has autism. You say it in the header and on the sidebar. A mum who find herself on your blog and most likely is having the same problem as you, would want to find a post on autism.

So my advice is to have a page on autism and a link to any blog posts where you talk about your kids issue. And have that page at the top where the menu is. When that mum visits the site, she can instantly connect and it can help her deal with autism.

I would also have a page on you, yes you. On the sidebar there’s a long paragraph on you. That great but visitors might not be able to read that or won’t even read it themselves and will just ignore it. Put that in a page and with a little more info on you and your kids. Also includes some pictures or

Overall I have no issue with the layout as I can see you are you using a bog standard BlogSpot layout. That is completely fine. I would however, make the sidebar less transiency. It makes it harder to read the labels. I would also make the actual blog main page with less posts, I found it would jump around when scrolling down and it can be bit of a trek scrolling down.

Keep up the good work and I don’t have any major problem.


Sian Lifts Weight

This immediately is identified as a fitness/ health blog. This is the sort of blog I feel would fit right at home with my husband as he is a fitness protein fanatic. It also should be the kind of blog I need to start reading as…well I’m totally not a fitness/health fantastic. And as I’m typing this I’m already on my third chocolate chip cookie. Whoops.

What I’m saying is, you have found your niche and my advice is to keep at it. Overall the site has a personal feel to it. Rather than being an informative advice blog. I always feel you have to be a little careful when giving fitness advice as what might work for you – could be bad for other people. So keep on the personal side to it.

The layout is nicely laid out and easy to read text. Clear menu which I like. If a new readers come on for the first time, they immediately identified with it.

I have no issue with it, so keep going as you doing brilliant. One final word, and just looking at your weight loss diary and girl you look amazing! My god I need you kick me up the bum. Those if I’m honest, I get that daily from my husband.


Queer Little Family

When you put in a request to have this blog reviewed, you detailed it as a parenting, mental health, cats, lgbt topics and writing blog. Yup I can totally see that. That it completely fine and taking a first look of the blog, I feel your readers would also be able identified it as a lgbt, family, mental health blog. So another blog that has capture it niche.

Nicely laid out blog with a clear layout. Easy to navigate menu so new readers can easily find what the blog is about and who write it. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you get many readers from the lgbt community? If so – that great. It not, try to reach out and explain about your family situation. That way other people from lgbt community can read and is able to identified with themselves.

I would like to finish by say, while I have no issue on the layout. It might be an idea to clear up your sidebar. I counted 10 banners, maybe try and loose a few – or put them in the footer. But off course it up to you.


Beauty That Walk

The name of the blog, seem like to me that this is a beauty blog. However, when looking at it. This is more than just a beauty blog, but also fashion, lifestyle and travel. That is fine, but my advice is to write in your blog title a description of what this blog is about. IE: Beauty That walk | Fashion, lifestyle, Travel and Beauty. So when new people comes onto the site they wouldn’t misjudge it as beauty site.

I would with your header logo, make the tagline text a little clearer and bigger. So that people can read it.

This Is a personal peeves of mine, but I hate seeing social media share on the front page of a blog. It distracting and I have found, people don’t really use it. If they want to share your blog, they will share your blog, whether you have buttons or not. But then again, you might have found it really useful.

Nicely laid out menu with easy navigation. People can easily find out about you. But having said that, there is nothing about you on the front page. Who are you? Have a blub on the sidebar with an image on who you are. Who is this bloggers? And what is this blog about? Do you see what I mean?

I would also thin out your footer. You have too many popular posts which stretches your footer, making it bigger then it need to be. Cut it down to 5-6 posts.

Overall a nice little site and I have no problem with it. Well done.


This is it for this month, I will do this more next month. I look forward to doing this again.