Blog Reviewed Part 4

This time we are going back in time with blog reviewed.  A very popular little blog series and a big blogging success. Are you ready to go back in time for blog reviewed part 4?

Now if you are little confused and thinks to yourself, “hold on we just had blog reviewed part 5! Why are we going back in time?”  The answer for that is really simple, I’m an idiot. You see, I made a simple error and made a post asking people to participate in blog reviewed part 4 – but never followed up with it. So I skipped ahead and went straight to blog reviewed part 5.


It was pointed out to me last week, and this is why we’re going back in time and doing blog reviewed part 4.

A big thank you to everyone who did put in a requests. Sorry for being slow and skipping ahead. I will review up to 3 blogs on here. Don’t despair if I don’t choose your blog this time, this will be a regular monthly feature so perhaps try again next time.

I would also appreciate if you all show support to these bloggers and give them a big cheers and go visit their site.

Anyway let get started:


First up I like the clean clear layout with the simple logo. I also like the blog name. From first impression I cannot say whether it exactly match the theme to your site niche. This could be that when I think of the word, ‘Intricate’, I think complicated. Is that the message you want to send to your readers? Maybe make it a clearer on why you chose that name and how it fit into your blog niche.

The menu is clearly labelled, though I would make it darker – to make it stand out.

The little header image, I thought it was a slider and it connected to your blog posts. I was a little confused with that at first. My advice would be to move the image above the menu so that it then out of the way and it reflect better with your logo.

Your about page is a little thin. First up the first thing I notice is this line on your declaimer: This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. My first question is, who is me? Is me a girl? Where does me live? What does me do? You see, how just by adding me, just leaves the readers with more questions. Nobody else will know who me is – so introduce yourself and talk a little about yourself. I’m not talking full autobiography here – just a few lines that let the reader know who ‘me’ is. If you don’t explain who you are, the readers will get bored and just click off.

Also add some images to your blog post as the only images I see are the one coming from your advert. You have a few images on blog posts, which is fine. But try to add a few feature images to the post.

This is a pet peeves of mine and something I have a strong disliked on blogs. Adverts that are linked very closely to your blog post. I just find it distracting and a little annoying. I once came across a popular blog that has 6 adverts on one pages.

So having said that, I would perhaps move your advert out of the way and not to have it at the top of every blog posts. I would also decrease the amount of adverts you have. If you have too many, nobody would come back. By all means have adverts but have it out of the way and not too many.

Overall a nice site with a few minor corrections. View your site from an outsider perspective and then you might get an idea of what your readers expect from a blog.


Anna || Miss Très Anna

First up I really like the name, especially as it another Anna. First impression of the site was that it looks very professional and look very clear. It has a very clear boxed structured and everything correspond together well.

The header and menu are both very clear with easy navigation. The middle part with the image is a good way to tells the readers what the site is about. I would have a little link to the about page here.

The area underneath should be a slider, or have a more focal point on where people can find your latest blog post. I notice that you have a link that linked to your blog area. If I was you, put that ‘blog’ link at the top – especially on the menu.

The footer, I have no problem with. However, the left hand side of the footers look a little empty, try to use that space. It a personal thing of mine, but I hate waster footer space. Use a different call to action – much like how you asked people to follow you.

With the actual blog itself I have no problem. There is a nice feature image on each blog post and all blog posts are clearly written with clear images.  I also like how you haven’t crowded your sidebar.

Overall a well thought-out site. It shows that you took your time and thought it all through. Only a small change but I do think you have done a good job.



First up I like the name as it sounds like this blog – is very much a personal lifestyle blog. I like the blog logo and the little tagline explaining what this blog is about.

The menu is clearly marked; however, I would make it darker the fonts.

You haven’t flooded your sidebar and has a clear picture on who Helen is. Just clicking on your about me page, I would also include a picture of yourself (a different picture to the one in your sidebar).

Each blog post has a nice image and relates to how the site is a personal lifestyle blog.

Overall I have no problem with the site. It looks very nice with lovely blog posts.



This is it for this month, I will do this more next month. I look forward to doing this again and next time I will get back on track.

What do you think?

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  • Claudia Matias
    August 16, 2017

    i love your blog !! Your blog is an inspiration

  • Vox
    August 16, 2017

    It’s cool that you are honestly sharing ways these blogs can improve. 😀

  • Helen
    August 16, 2017

    I’ve just seen this now, thank you so much Anna. I love your blog so I’m so flattered of the compliments you have given mine and will definitely look in to the things you think I can work on. Thank you again xo

  • Chloe
    August 17, 2017

    Hi, I find your blog very helpful. I like that you take the time to comment and give constructive advice on fellow bloggers sites. I’m sure that they are very grateful.

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Blog Reviewed Part 4

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