BFree Energy Hamper

Lately, my energy has been a little draining, so when I received a BFree Energy Hamper. It was just the ticket I needed to kick start my energy level.

In recent time I found myself a bit like the anti-Duracell bunnies, ok don’t laugh. But you know how you always hear how Duracell bunnies just keep on going. Well, guess what? I’m not like that and I’m the anti-Duracell bunnies, the one who will stop working after 15 minutes and then go to sleep.

I’m not even kidding, but seriously lately my batteries have been running out. My energy level has been a little low and draining. If I was a sim, in a short amount of time I’d be blinking red and would quickly collapse on the floor.

There has been time recently where I feel like I could quite happily sleep for thousand years. But I don’t think sleeping for that amount of time would be practical (think of all the beauty sleep I would get!) and plus I wouldn’t have a prince charming kiss to wake me up.

What I’m getting at, is lately I have been a walking zombie. Having no energy to do anything. And if I’m honest I’m at a loss of why I’ve been feeling like this.

Ok, technically that not true as I do have a theory, it could be because I have changed my diet and do my strength training.

Not massively changed my diet, I haven’t suddenly gone on one of those fad diets or anything. I just cut out bread, potatoes and white carbs. Sensible decisions if you asked me. I was going to give up chocolate – but what kind of fool does that?

And twice a week I do deadlifts/strength training at the gym. Which I do enjoy, and I’m starting to see some good results from it. But it does knacker me out. Which I suppose could explain a little why my energy has been zapped lately.

While I have been dealing my energy zapping issue, the people from BFree got in contact to see if I would like a BFree Energy Hamper.

Perfect timing, don’t you agree? It felt like there read my mind and came to my aid, just when I needed it most.

So let me show you what was in my BFree Energy Hamper, and how it helping me get energy level back up.

BFree Energy Hamper contained:

  • Fresh Ginger
  • Shea Butter Soap
  • Be Free Wheat & Gluten Free Quinoa and chia seed wrap.
  • Eye Serum

Not a bad little hamper. I love the idea of adding fresh ginger as it been proven that it reduces fatigue by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels. Plus, who doesn’t like to add a little ginger in their cooking to add a little kick?

Admittedly I never try anything with Quinoa and chia seed before, so I can’t wait to try the wrap out.

The Shea Butter Soap smells divine and something I will use after my gym workout. As well as the eye serum as my eyes always get dry and sore.

A big thank you to the people behind BFree for sending over this lovely little hamper and helping me restart my energy level.

Soon enough I will be like the Duracell bunnies and just keep on going all day long.

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

BFree Energy Hamper

(I recieved this free hamper from BFree, I was not paid and all opinions are my own)

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BFree Energy Hamper

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