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Bare-Face Selfie

by Anna Nuttall

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This is little bit of a brave thing for me to do – a bare-face selfie, No make-up and no photoshop – just my face behind the gloss! I’m sure many of you when taking a selfie photos, you see all the imperfection that you never knew was there – the hidden spot, the blemish and the effect of aging (wrinkles), we cover all those up with make-up and the use of the spot healing tools in Photoshop or using some photos filters apps ( well I do anyway!). Well I thought it was about time I do a bare-face selfie photos showing you what I look like when I’m natural and bared-face.

Do you think too many people focus on their imperfection and cover it up with make-up and editing? I think more people should be brave and face up with being bare-faced, we’ll not perfect but we created too much of a imperfect-perfect-world, where we want to be the image we think we are in our head. We might never be supermodels – but we still all models in our dailies lives; what I mean is we still have to go out and face the world whether we like it or not.  Ok sure some people are still going to judge, but that the nature of society – sod what they think! They might have their own imperfection and wished they could look like someone else.

So girls I’m encouraging you to post natural bare-face selfie on Instagram and to use the hashtag #annabarefacechallenge – go on and be brave and to encourage other to be brave and to love there imperfection.

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Lizzie Ford 31st August 2014 - 12:34 am

Looking gorgeous Anna! I’ve recently been trying to only wear makeup 2-3 days out of the week-I don’t have perfect skin and I have a big ol’ scar on my right cheek which I’m VERY conscious of but since making this rule for myself, I’ve quickly become much more comfortable about leaving it uncovered. We all have these little things that bug us about ourselves but it would be an awful shame to not think of ourselves as wonderful when we look in the mirror just because we’re not wearing makeup!
This was such a great post and I’ll definitely be posting my instagram pic with your # very soon 🙂


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