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Me and My Baking Cardboard

by Anna Nuttall

When we moved house last year, one of the first thing I ask Richard for is to have my own baking cardboard, somewhere I can keep all my baking ingredient and recipes together. IMG_3686a A year later and it’s now looking rather overflowing don’t you think? If I find a recipe from a magazine I store it in here or if I pick up a recipe card from a supermarket I’ll keep it a book. In here have all my recipe books and general bits and bobs to make the perfect cake. In an effort over the weekend to stop my cardboard from overflowing anymore I made an effort to bake some red velvet cupcakes, it did helped to clear away and made some space. IMG_3668a Yeah I’m not the best an icing and it might look a mess, in fact it was very tasty and it worked well – despite my reputation of not being the best cook in the world. IMG_3683a Yeah ok I had the Betty Crocker Red Velvet cupcake mixture so I was cheating a little and didn’t require any real ‘cooking’ skill. I swapped the icing for strawberry icing with chocolate flake. But the fact remind it did clear some space from the baking cardboard and I’m still pretty proud of myself. I keep you updated on my baking escapade as I’m bound to do some more over the next weeks. Practice does make make perfect

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1 comment

dannifred 5th November 2014 - 10:00 pm

they look delicious!

xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com


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