Bakerdays Halloween Cake

Halloween doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It does allow you to show your sweet side. Let me show you this Bakerdays Halloween cake to show you what I mean.

When we think of Halloween (ok, maybe when I think of Halloween), I think of darkness, doom and gloom, and a world filled with scary things.

But really, Halloween doesn’t need to be all scary and dark. Yes, it does let me embrace my spooky side – but it also let me embrace my creative fun side as well as allowing me to showcase my sweet side.

We never really had tricks or treats over here in the UK growing up. It was thoughts of being too dangerous, and people don’t like to answer their door at night. Thus the tradition never caught on over here. So we never had kids knocking on our doors asking for candy.

I wish it did, not just for the free candy – but a chance to perhaps be creative and showcase my sweet baking side. Baking or creating sweet treats around Halloween is always fun.

This was something I planned on doing this year, where I would perhaps bake a Halloween cake or create a fun sweet treat. But when Bakerdays offer to send over a free Halloween cake for me to try out– I wasn’t going to turn it down; which is a good thing, as I’m not exactly Mary Berry when it comes to baking, and my attempt would be a horrible nightmare.

Let me introduce you to Bakerdays, a fab baking service that sends you a cake in your letterbox. Yes, select which cake you wish to have or personalise and then they will deliver to your letterbox.

This is known as letterbox cake, it small enough to fit through your letterbox. The size of the cake measures 5″ in diameter (12cm diameter x 2.5cm high), so able to fit through a standard size letterbox.

I know what you’re thinking, that the dimension of the cake isn’t large enough to share with friends and family. Yes, this is true. But think of your letterbox cake as a little treat that comes through your mailbox and it just for you. You can have a slice of cake while drinking your afternoon tea or perhaps have a slice for dessert. The idea behind it is that the letterbox cake is a gift you would give someone for a special occasion and it would be a surprise for that person.

Which I think is a lovely idea. Now, I’m crap at remembering cards. I think the whole notion of sending a card is a little out-dated. In recent years I have taken to sending emails or Facebook messages to wish someone Happy Birthday or a congratulation.

This is why I think the whole idea of a Bakerdays letterbox cake is something you would happily do instead of sending a card. I like to think it more thoughtful and something you would cherish more as you will be essentially getting a cake from a special someone.

As I was saying, I was able to try out one of their cake, and I selected one of their Bakerdays Halloween cake.

The cake was delivered by a layer of bubbles wraps and a small cake tin. There was no chance of damages. It is also advisable to eat the cake while it still obviously fresh and it is also instructed that the design does fade after a while. So if sending this off to someone, please make a note on this.

Overall I was very impressed with my spooktacular Bakerdays Halloween cake. The cake itself was delicious, and the design was beautifully printed. This is something I would happily use again, and I might start sending this to people, instead of cards.

If you don’t want to turn the kitchen into a horror red room – them might I suggest this little treat. Do check out Bakerdays website and check out their many cakes designs.

Bakerdays Halloween cake

Bakerdays Halloween cake

Bakerdays Halloween cake

Bakerdays Halloween cake


(I was gifted a cake from Bakerdays, all opinions are my own.)

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Bakerdays Halloween Cake

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