Baileys Strawberry & Cream

There a new kind of Baileys that available right now and it limited edition. If you want the perfect summer drink, then you must try Baileys Strawberry & Cream.

When I heard about this limited edition Baileys Strawberry & Cream, I made it my mission to get hold off it. Absolutely nothing in this world would stand in my way on me getting hold of it.

As I was saying last week, I sort of became a supermarket hanger. Someone who just hang around the supermarket all day. Laugh at me all you like. There was a heatwave and I simply enjoyed the supermarket air-conditioning.

But all in honesty, I really was trying to get my hand on the Baileys Strawberry & Cream. Almost every time I went in, the drink was sold out or wasn’t in stock.

I was determined not to give up and oh boy does perseverance pay off, as I finally got my hand on the Baileys Strawberry & Cream.

I probably looked and sound like a weirdo when I finally saw in the store as I did a little woohoo and threw my up arm up. Ummm, hopefully, no one was watching.

Right now I finally got hold on it. I suppose I should really tell you more on what the fuss is about.

Baileys, the world’s favourite cream liquor is blending the fresh taste of strawberries with creamy vanilla, together with the luxurious taste of Baileys Original Irish Cream. Just making this the perfect indulgent treat to enjoy with your friends on those long summer days.

My first impression was that it looks strawberry milkshake, but don’t be fooled as it still an alcoholic drink. So you can only ever pour in just a small amount or otherwise, after one drink you will be stone drunk.

It does also taste like a strawberry milkshake, but you also do get Bailey’s taste as well. It an interesting combination.

I have just been drinking this over ice, which does water down the Baileys alcohol content. It 17% volume, hence why I did say you can only pour a little amount at a time, or you will be stone drunk.

But another way you can enjoy Baileys Strawberry & Cream is over ice cream. You can also try a strawberry and creamy Pina colada – which is something I’m going to try today as it sounds amazing.

Overall I adore this Baileys strawberry & Cream, the only thing is – the small doses you can have at any one time. But in a way, that good thing as the drink will last longer.

If you like a cream liqueur, and just want the perfect summer drink. Then do try Baileys strawberry & cream, before it disappears.

Baileys Strawberry & Cream

Baileys Strawberry & Cream


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1 Comment
  • ClaudiaHeureux
    February 18, 2019

    Hello, I would do the same as you in the supermarket, all for a new Baileys!

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Baileys Strawberry & Cream

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