Ok folks, this just got interesting. Ok so you might not think like that but this blog is now live! Youtube live! Oh yes I have officially entered the scary realm of Youtube.

I recently went on a shopping trip and rather then bombard you with hundreds of pictures on here – I thought I do a video instead. I will say now that it’s un-edited as I can’t figure out how to edit a video so I did this in one big long run so yes I do stumble my words and do lots of ‘um’ (sorry about that). But I did it! I was also a little nervous so hopefully next time I might not be so robotic, please be kind to me as this is a massive step for me as I’m not all that comfortable talking on camera.

Anyway here is the video:

I will also say I might sound a little nasally as I’m on the verge off getting a cold (poor me!) so I hope you can understand me.

So yeah give me a thumbs up, Subscribe to my channel – go on I know you want too.