Autumn is often associated as the season of transformation, the season where days seem to fade away. Well, your life doesn’t need to fade away. Here is a few Autumn wellness tips that will hopefully help throughout this transformation season.

While spring is about life and brightness, Autumn is all about the transformation of nature and how the days seem to fade away; where everything seems to die, and darkness starts to creep it.

We can see this transformation from looking outside the window, where daylights get overtaken by long nights. We can see the leaves falling and the changing weather temperature.

It no wonders, why people call autumn the gloomy season. As everything seems to fade away, it also why people feel a little sad, the feeling where everything is all doom and gloom.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t need to feel sad, or everything is doom and gloom. There is a way to banish the dark cloud and to feel bright and cheerful.

Remember, Autumn is a transformation season and is the perfect opportunity to embraced things new. So here is a few Autumn wellness tips that will hopefully help you through this transformation season.

Nourish yourself with Autumn Foods

While summer is for BBQ foods and fresh salad, Autumn is all about hearty soup, warming beefy stew and good old roasted vegetables. During the Autumn months, it is essential to keep your body healthy and nourished with the right foods. So don’t binge too much on junk foods and having a healthy diet is vital when looking after your wellness and beating the Autumn gloom.

Do some relaxing activities

It no surprise that Autumn is known as the ‘breather’ season. After the long sun-filled summer, Autumn is the time to step back and breathe. With less daylight, it natural for our bodies wanting to take things slower and easier. So do some relaxing activities such as going for a woodland walk, a leisurely swim, or perhaps yoga on a beach. These small relaxing activities stop up getting stressed and anxious with the long evening and allow you to find peace with your environments.

Relish The Long Night by spending more time bed

If animal’s cam hibernates during the colder season, there’s no reason why you can’t. So grab a hot mug of cocoa and go and snuggle up in bed. By spending more time in bed, it will give your mind a chance to come down and unwind. Also, studies have shown that people who spend more time in bed and sleep through the night, are generally healthier and happier.

Look after your skin

Autumn wellness isn’t just about keeping healthy and embracing the cooler weather; it also about looking after your skin and stopping it from drying out. Dry skin is a pain. So when you start to feel your skin is drying out, moisturise your skin and also don’t forget the sunscreen.

Start planning on what you want to do next

Autumn is where we nearly at the end of the year and perhaps you feel like your yearly goals are over. Well, why don’t you start planning on what you want to do next. Write a list and start dreaming about where you want to go, what you want to and so on. It can be fun to begin Googling places to discover, foods to try and so on.

Those were my Autumn wellness tips. Do you have any tips to add?

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