asos a/w wishlist

Another day, another browse through Asos. I like to think of myself as some kind Asos browsing champion, Now I think about it – it should be an Olympic sport. I would naturally win gold as I have browse through the website so many time, it have been a test of strength not to put everything in the virtual basket. It isn’t easy kids, it really isn’t as I’m completely loving their  new Autumn/winter collection and I want everything. However I can’t have everything as that would leave me bankrupt and out on street – but hey at least I will have nice new clothes. So here are my Asos A/W wishlist and I can only at this moment dream about owning these:

My Asos A/W Wishlist

Asos bomber Jacket £65

What not to love about this bomber jacket. I will admit it isn’t really the sort of jacket I go for but I just love the design and colours on this. A very cool bomber jacket.

My Asos A/W Wishlist

Asos Lace Top Satin Pleated Midi Dress £58

An elegant satin green dress to wear when feel sophisticated and nostalgic, as this dress wouldn’t look out of place for a 1930s film. Now I need  is a cocktail bar and jazz music.

My Asos A/W Wishlist

Young Bohemians High Neck Dress £29.99

This is another I would never usually pick but It caught my eyes and I think the floral on this is lovely. It a very marmite dress – you either love it or hate.

my asos a/w wishlist

Pull&bear Floral Cami Midi Dress £25.99

I like this dress, however I can see this being a little too long for me. I can also see the strap looking not quite right on me either. It would be more maxi then midi and also seem to be more a summer dress then for Autumn and winter.

my asos a/w wishlist

Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi Dress with Scalloped Back and 3/4 Sleeve £75

Urgh this dress, it so beautiful. I love the details on this dress. I have no occasions to wear this to but oh my god I’m in love with this right now.

my asos a/w wishlist

Asos Premium Embroidery playsuit £38

A really fun playsuit that you can still enjoy wearing this season. I love the embroidery on this.

my asos a/w wishlist

Asos Petite Velvet Mini Skater Dress £35

I feel I need to vamp up my autumn/winter wardrobe and this velvet dress would be it. I’ve always been a sucker for velvet dress.

my asos a/w wishlist

Asos Embroidered Kimono Midi Dress £75

I’m loving all the embroidered kimono dress on Asos right now. This is another dress that would work more maxi then midi. Very Eastern inspired.

my asos a/w wishlist

New Look Floral Embroidered Sweat Jumper £19.99

This was on my wishlist but then I brought it as I couldn’t resist it. However this could very well be on your wishlist now. A very pretty top.

my asos a/w wishlist

Asos Mix and Mach Star Print Dress £30

This black and white stars dress is so simple and so very stylish. Perfect anything really – shopping, cocktail night, causal day at home or working in an office.

Those are my Asos A/W wishlist. Let me know if any are now on your wishlist. Also if you do decide to pick anything up, let me know and I can feature it on Facebook page.