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The topic of SEO always gets bloggers a little muddle. Well you’re are in luck as I’m here to help you on your way. So ask me your SEO problems.

I have been doing SEO both personally and professionally for 4+ years. It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago.

My journey into SEO started when I just left uni and I went into freelance writing. That was my first entries into this world. I signed up to Peopleperhour and I soon found my first client. She wanted me to writes on her website blog with specific keywords. Well you can only imagine how happy that made me feel, I finally was getting paid to write – to blog! Those (and I feel a little silly now admitting this!) but I didn’t have a clue on what she meant about specific keywords. For a number of years, I wrote just basic magazine/news pieces, I was always more focus on making sure everything was correct and I could fill up the words counts. Even when I was blogging for myself at that time, I never gave a second thoughts to keywords.

Well a mate of Richard actually worked in the SEO field, so I asked him to give me a clue on what this whole keywords malarkey was about. We sat down one afternoon and discussed everything through. By that evening I could finally sit down on my computer and write a blog post using specific keywords.

Jobs well done and I soon found myself with another client, then another and then another. To cut a long story short, I had after a few months a few regular clients and they soon asked me on expanding on what I do – ie: they wanted someone to do their full SEO and digital marketing.

By this point, I felt I learnt a great deal. I’ve gone to marketing conferences, read experts books and asked around on various digital agency for guidance. So It felt like I knew with what I’m doing.

I should have mentioned that while I was writing SEO blogs and learning about the digital marketing field, I was stuck in my dead-end rubbish retail job. I was earning money through writing and marketing, just not enough as at that time we (husband and I) was trying to save up a deposit to buy a place and the retail job did have annual staff bonus.  So for a long time I was stuck in my rubbish job, while also writing SEO blogs.

After a year and a half, where I was marketing for companies and writing SEO blogs, a client finally gave me near-enough full time work. Meaning I could finally leave my rubbish retail work and go full time as a SEO blogger.

This specific client wanted me to also expand and to do some social media marketing. Not a problem as I was getting paid to write on Facebook.

Fast forwarding 2 years later, to now. I now have my own digital marketing agency with a whole host of clients and I’m doing this full time. I still pinch myself as I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!

SEO problems

Overall, what I’m saying is: I feel like I know a lot of about SEO. Not just with SEO blogging, but how Google works, how to boost ranking, how to achieve higher organic traffic and so on.

I like to think I have been successful in this SEO business world. I have a recent example to show you – this is a screenshot I have capture on one of my client Google search analytic (which you can find on Google Webmaster). I’m going to keep my client names a secret, but I will show you how well a website goes before and after SEO.

Example #1

SEO problems

SEO problems

(If you can’t see – It went from zero clicks to 900 clicks in over a month!)

Let me explain this one. This client website hired a previous SEO agency but in his words – they were crap! We worked together on previous occasion, so he dropped that agency and went with me. From the get-go I could identity the problem – why my client website wasn’t being boosted on search engine. As you can seem it went from zero to near enough 900 clicks. And I did that in just under a month!

Pretty Impressive.

With all that in mind, I thought I will start a weekly Sunday SEO blog series. I see every day on various forums and blogging groups, people getting into a muddle. Fear not as help is now on hand.

I will be going through everything that will help your blog SEO. I will be explaining SERP (search engine result page), Yoast SEO plugins and why using G+ is beneficial to use. That just a small example, but I will be talking through everything I know.

I have off course, already covered SEO in a previous blog post. But I skimmed over the details and just went over the basic. This time I will go into greater depth.

Does this interest you? If it has and you are eager to learn – you are in luck. I thought for my Sunday SEO blog series, I will do a Q&A.

So folks, if you have a burning SEO problems and want to know how to fix it – now is your chance. Or you just have a simple SEO questions that no one can answer – go ahead.

Ask me in the comment box, your SEO problems and questions, and on Sunday I will answer them on here. How does that sound? Do you like the idea of this?

Without out further ado, ask me your SEO problems.

Anna Nuttall

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


  • Shirley Corder

    I am totally amazed that ANYONE would be prepared to throw themselves out like this and offer to answer SEO questions! Wow! Thank you so much. One customer waving her hand in the air right now!
    On the topic of “keywords” – I know the theory, and I have tried using severals sites – but it takes me longer than it took to write the article. So now I basically read the finished article and figure out what people might search for that I could include in my post. I then go through and change words to use the keyword several times in the article and click “update”! I know – totally unscientific, but I blog four times a week and I’m writing one book and editing another. Is there a quicker but “right” way to figure out keywords?
    Apple-ginger Tonic. A refreshing drink with oodles of health benefits.

  • heidi

    I actually do know quite a bit about SEO, keywords especially but one thing I’m curious about is headings. I will try to keep this as short as I can. I had one of my sites checked for SEO and it said I had no h1 tags and I had been under the impression that WordPress put one in automatically when you put your title in the title box in the editor so I had been putting h2 subtitle at the beginning of my posts but I guess I was wrong and should have made that the h1 tag so my question is multilayered. Is the title in the WordPress editor not automatically an h1 and how important is an h1 tag?

  • Tori

    Hi! I’ve no particular questions at the moment as my SEO knowledge is basic (at best!) but I’m SO interested to read your series and learn

  • Jessa

    I have tried to learn SEO and I feel like my eyes glaze over when ever I turn on a webinar on SEO. So now I just make sure I get a green light on my Yoast plug-in. There has to be something more.

  • Lisa

    This is a wonderful idea. There is so much to learn, I am fortunate to know someone who is in a professional SEO line of work and plan to take a seminar from him soon. In the meantime, can you give a basic description with perhaps your top three SEO tips when writing a blog post?

  • sian

    Hi! I have a bit of a weird question. Recently I’ve seen a few different job offers for social media assistants.. I’m a blogger and a new one at that so I figured it might be a good fit since I’ve spent so much time learning for my own site … do you have any tips as someone who started in a similar place? Like in regards even to my CV and what would be relevant? Thanks!

  • Yuen Mi

    I’m starting to become a regular reader of your blog. Just wanted to comment that this is a great idea. When I first started I struggled so much even after reading a lot of SEO guides. I will keep this in mind and if I have any question, I’ll know where to go.

  • Sue

    I am just learning about the power of data and that it really is the most important base for a business. I didn’t really even get it until I was shown all that can be done just by researching key words – checking competitors, etc. on some specific pages and seeing all the backlinks etc.. I am sort of just diving into this… so will look forward to future reading from you on this topic!

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