SEO problems

The topic of SEO always gets bloggers a little muddle. Well you’re are in luck as I’m here to help you on your way. So ask me your SEO problems.

I have been doing SEO both personally and professionally for 4+ years. It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago.

My journey into SEO started when I just left uni and I went into freelance writing. That was my first entries into this world. I signed up to Peopleperhour and I soon found my first client. She wanted me to writes on her website blog with specific keywords. Well you can only imagine how happy that made me feel, I finally was getting paid to write – to blog! Those (and I feel a little silly now admitting this!) but I didn’t have a clue on what she meant about specific keywords. For a number of years, I wrote just basic magazine/news pieces, I was always more focus on making sure everything was correct and I could fill up the words counts. Even when I was blogging for myself at that time, I never gave a second thoughts to keywords.

Well a mate of Richard actually worked in the SEO field, so I asked him to give me a clue on what this whole keywords malarkey was about. We sat down one afternoon and discussed everything through. By that evening I could finally sit down on my computer and write a blog post using specific keywords.

Jobs well done and I soon found myself with another client, then another and then another. To cut a long story short, I had after a few months a few regular clients and they soon asked me on expanding on what I do – ie: they wanted someone to do their full SEO and digital marketing.

By this point, I felt I learnt a great deal. I’ve gone to marketing conferences, read experts books and asked around on various digital agency for guidance. So It felt like I knew with what I’m doing.

I should have mentioned that while I was writing SEO blogs and learning about the digital marketing field, I was stuck in my dead-end rubbish retail job. I was earning money through writing and marketing, just not enough as at that time we (husband and I) was trying to save up a deposit to buy a place and the retail job did have annual staff bonus.  So for a long time I was stuck in my rubbish job, while also writing SEO blogs.

After a year and a half, where I was marketing for companies and writing SEO blogs, a client finally gave me near-enough full time work. Meaning I could finally leave my rubbish retail work and go full time as a SEO blogger.

This specific client wanted me to also expand and to do some social media marketing. Not a problem as I was getting paid to write on Facebook.

Fast forwarding 2 years later, to now. I now have my own digital marketing agency with a whole host of clients and I’m doing this full time. I still pinch myself as I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!

SEO problems

Overall, what I’m saying is: I feel like I know a lot of about SEO. Not just with SEO blogging, but how Google works, how to boost ranking, how to achieve higher organic traffic and so on.

I like to think I have been successful in this SEO business world. I have a recent example to show you – this is a screenshot I have capture on one of my client Google search analytic (which you can find on Google Webmaster). I’m going to keep my client names a secret, but I will show you how well a website goes before and after SEO.

Example #1

SEO problems

SEO problems

(If you can’t see – It went from zero clicks to 900 clicks in over a month!)

Let me explain this one. This client website hired a previous SEO agency but in his words – they were crap! We worked together on previous occasion, so he dropped that agency and went with me. From the get-go I could identity the problem – why my client website wasn’t being boosted on search engine. As you can seem it went from zero to near enough 900 clicks. And I did that in just under a month!

Pretty Impressive.

With all that in mind, I thought I will start a weekly Sunday SEO blog series. I see every day on various forums and blogging groups, people getting into a muddle. Fear not as help is now on hand.

I will be going through everything that will help your blog SEO. I will be explaining SERP (search engine result page), Yoast SEO plugins and why using G+ is beneficial to use. That just a small example, but I will be talking through everything I know.

I have off course, already covered SEO in a previous blog post. But I skimmed over the details and just went over the basic. This time I will go into greater depth.

Does this interest you? If it has and you are eager to learn – you are in luck. I thought for my Sunday SEO blog series, I will do a Q&A.

So folks, if you have a burning SEO problems and want to know how to fix it – now is your chance. Or you just have a simple SEO questions that no one can answer – go ahead.

Ask me in the comment box, your SEO problems and questions, and on Sunday I will answer them on here. How does that sound? Do you like the idea of this?

Without out further ado, ask me your SEO problems.