On Wednesday, Richard and I decided to get out the polluted London city and get into the country-side, well more specifically visiting a castle. I have this big love for castle, I love to look around and imagine what it must have been like during the era it was used as a castle. Was it used for a big battle or was it just simple a home for princes and princesses? Who knows but I love discovering and finding the story behind it.  With that said, we decided to visit Arundel castle in West Sussex, an easy enough journey from London.

So let me introduced you to my new humble abode:


It a small place where I have just enough room to hang my coat and perhaps could possibly swing a cat somewhere.


And maybe – just maybe I might have enough room to have a cathedral in my back garden.


Oh while I’m at it, let me show you my small garden.


Anyway, we picked a perfect day as it was lovely and warm and I was finally able to wear my polka dots summer swing dress:

pictureofarundal1 pictureofarundal2 pictureofarundal3 pictureofarundal4

A dress that I brought from Amazon in fact – can you believe it! I’ve mentioned before that I’m obsessed with swing dress as it cover my *ahem* bramley apple waist. I also like the 50s feel to the dress and it give me retro vibe.

As I was posing for these pictures I had quite a few weird look coming my way, like why is this girl suddenly sitting on the bench while this guy is taking a picture of her? How peculiar.  Is she famous? (I genuinely heard someone mutter that!) Is this some kind of magazine fashion shoot? (Another thing I heard being mutter.) Oh people, I’m just being a fashion blogger and posing for my blog. This is why I do a lot of my outfit picture at home. (Even then I still get the neighbor asking me.)

One last thing you might have notice in all of the pictures, my sunglasses being firmly on me the whole time. Like I said yesterday I’m blind as a bat without them.

I’m going to put a lot of Arundal photos on my flickr – go check that out today.

If you want a day out I do recommend Arundel Castle.