Talking about recently the 5 phone apps I can’t live without got me thinking, what apps I can’t live without when using Instagram. So here are the various apps I use for Instagram.

I must confess, I don’t actually do much photo editing on my actual phone or tablet. I prefer editing on my desktop, as it easier to actually edit on my Photoshop program and does mean I can keep a carbon copy of the files without actually deleting it by mistake (done that too many time).

I also sometimes find that editing a photo on a phone or tablet can be pretty fiddling and annoying. That not to say I don’t edit any photos on my devices because I do, or otherwise we wouldn’t be here. But I only tend to do a few little adjustments and also, usually when I’m nowhere near my desktop and just want to edit quickly some silly phone photos I took.

Editing photos aside, I have built quite a small collection of editing photo apps and in some case, I do use them for Instagram. Mainly for Instagram stories than my main feed – but if I’m honest, they do help and make my Instagram stories photos look professional.

So with that said, if you are starting out on Instagram or need some new editing apps to try out. Here are the various apps I use for Instagram.


I’m starting with a firm favourite, especially if you are looking to create a theme on your Instagram feed. This lets you put a filter/preset on your photos, making your photos have a certain look to it. For example, you might want your photos to have a traditional film camera look to it. I have found my photos has improved dramatically since using it.


I must have been the last person on earth that twigged that you can use your Flickr profile in conjunction with Instagram. What I tend to do is save my photo on Flickr on my desktop, then transfer the photo to Instagram on my phone. So much easier and trust me before I realize this – I was doing it the long hard way.


I’m sure you have heard of this app. I like to use this for my Instagram stories. It another editing photo apps, but you can play around and add various filters, texts and frames. I find this useful to add texts to my photos.

Adobe Apps: Lightroom/Photoshop/Photoshop Express:

I believe the Adobe apps: Lightroom and Photoshop are part of the package when you choose their photography subscription. While Photoshop Express anyone can download. If editing photos on a desktop not your thing and prefer doing it on your devices; then you will need these apps. It does a lot of what the desktop version does

Camera connect:

This is only if your camera has a wifi comparability, not all camera has this. My Canon 6D does, so this means I can automatically link my camera to my phone and download photos instantly. I should warn you, this is only good for jpg files – not raw camera files.


I feel I should mention Unfold as I do use it a little bit. If I’m honest, I’m not that impressed with the app. It doesn’t work well on Android. This lets you create frames and on IG stories have multiple photos on one slide.

Those were the apps I use for Instagram. Let me know what you use for Instagram.