Last night was the annual Golden Globes, while might not be as highly glamorous at the Oscar but still follows the same yellow brick roads. Off course the full force of Hollywood was there last night, everyone from Adele to Zooey Deschanel, from TV to Film.
I always love award season and off course I love the fashion! So to start off the award season I have picked my top fashion favorite from last night award.
Anne Hattaway
I happened to met Anne Hattaway once at a  Vivienne Westwood shop in London,  she is gorgeous in really life and really sweet, I was too shy to ask for a photo. She looking a little too thin at the moment, I understand she lost loads of weight for  Les miserables but she need to be a healthy weight before she skin and bones.
Isla Fisher
Francesca Eastwood
Amanda Seyfied
What can I say about these, beautiful and simple. Its how all gowns and dresses should be. The creamy white just go perfect with their skin tones, those Francesca looked a little too flushed out.
Zooey Deschanel
Jennifer Garner
Claire Danes
The invasion of the red! Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes are really able to show off their fabulous figure. Zooey looking quirky and cute as always.
Lucy Liu
Yay Lucy Liu wearing the Caroline Herrera Pre-fall 2013 dress which i mentioned in this post.
And here is a turkey, it the whole Angelina Jolie leg stick out all over again.
Heidi Klum
So there you have it. Which one was your favorite from the night?