It a new year, it a new start. I have decided to revamp my links-up and give it a makeover. Here is Anna Nuttall New Bloggers Links-up.

Well hello there my friend, pull up a chair and a bring drink to the party. Welcome to 2019 and not only is it a new year, it also a new start on here. Where I have revamped my very popular links-up. I not only gave my button a new look, but I have decided to revamp the rules and make it a little more special on here.

As you know, I do love reading a wide range of blogs and those blog could be anything from home decor, cookery, travels or just hearing what you’ve been up to on a daily basis. This was why I started Anna Nuttall Bloggers links-up, so you can share your best post to new people.

So the links-up is still going up every Friday, don’t you worry. But to help you share your best post and for new amazing people to discover you, I have decided to also feature bloggers alongside the links-up.


Feature Bloggers:

If you would like to have your blog feature on here every Friday, then all you have to do is write in the comment section a short paragraph detailing about your blog and what it is about. Also a short sentence on who you are. I will pick at random and will feature you in the coming Friday links-up post. Please do not bug me and get upset if I don’t pick you. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. I will contact you if you are chosen.

Additionally, all my comments are moderated so if you wish I can keep your comments private and only I can see them, do write so in the comments.


The rules: I welcome all blogs, but I do reserve the right to remove your link if I deemed it offensive*. Please only post your blog post link once, don’t try to add multiple links. With the description, don’t write a call to action to get people attention, I will remove it.

*Blogs I deemed offensive: porn, gambling, black SEO. This does also include any Youtube and social media links.

Share the Love:

Please share the love and add my button to your blog sidebar or posts! This is new Bloggers links up so spread the word, the more bloggers we can get on board the better it will be.

Bloggers Links-up

Save this badge to your own site and please link it back to here.Do Not Direct link!

(How to save it:) – Right click and save image, then go to your blog and upload/save it on there. Then go to your site widget and place image code on there. Does that help?

Note:If you have my old design button already on your blog, don’t worry you don’t need to change it.

How it works:

Add your links below (click on the blue button down below, which will take you to a screen where it will tell you to add you blog name and url), and make sure to come back soon for the next installment of Anna Nuttall Bloggers links-up.

One last thing: Can you let me know if you like the new design, I would love to hear your feedback and if I need to make any changes. Thank you.