Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. And that can only mean one thing – Anna Nuttall Halloween special.

Welcome to my Halloween special. Now to those who know me, will know I love Halloween. It is my favourite holiday and quite frankly, I go crazy for it.

So to celebrate the spooky season and to show off my crazy Halloween side. I have decided to create a Halloween special. A full seven day of Halloween special posts. Darkness falls not only outside – but also on here as well. Here is where it will be eternally midnight.

Are you ready for it?

Good, leading up to the main date itself, this will be top to toes Halloween. Normal posts will stop and for the whole week, it will be filled with spooky surprise. Spooktacular if you like.

I feel I need to put a disclaimer now, that this will all be harmless fun and there will nothing that will jump out of you scaring you. I want you all to have a bloody Mary and to enjoy yourself. Not to leave you with a nightmare.

What kind of Halloween posts, can you expect? Well, it will be ghoul fun and thrilled. Things that go bump in the night and strange noise will be heard. Ok, I’m not giving any spoiler away – don’t want to ruin the surprise.

You might be wondering, how you can join in? Well, my zombie friends. Comes over and say boo over on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Also feel free to rattle some chain over on my Instagram. I want you to be as part of this as I am – so I want you all to tune in and to share your creepy tale.

Without further ado, let get on with Anna Nuttall Halloween special Oh before I go, this song been in my head for the last 48 hours and cause it so appropriately themes I give you a little Thriller.

Anna Nuttall Halloween special