There is one online shop you can always relies on when it comes to Christmas shopping – Amazon. It never let you down and it open 24/7. This is my Amazon Christmas Gift Guide For Him & Her.

I say this as I’m so bloody glad Amazon is around and if it was a person I would kiss it on the lips. To those who know me – knows that I hate high street shopping. It’s fulls of crowds, noise and it a pain in the neck to get into the damn shops. The queue for the checkout is a mile long and people are always so angry – why are they getting angry at me?

I much rather shop online in my pjs listening to my spotify and in the comfort of my own home then trekking down to a god damn shopping center. And you know what, that exactly what I’ve done this year in term of my Christmas shopping – did it all online. One afternoon I got myself a mug of hot chocolate and a mince pie and sat down to shop on Amazon.

I chose to shop on Amazon as it reliable and trustworthy – plus it has everything! If you want a Fisher Price Toy for that fussy 3 years old cousin – it got that! If you want a music book for your brother mate – it also got that.  I found all my Christmas shopping issue to be sorted with a click of a button.

My problem is sorted – but what about you guys? Are you struggling to find that gift to that special (or not so special) person in your life? Your Aunt Vera want a gold handbag. While the sister also asked for a Barbie Dolls – and your boyfriend want a play station 4 game.

Here are my top ten gifts for him and her this Christmas:

(Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all items I highly recommend. I would never put anything on this page that I personally wouldn’t recommend.)

For Him:

For Her:

I hope this have helped you, let me know if you’re struggling with Christmas shopping this year.