outdoor bathroom

Now I don’t know about you, but if I ever won the lottery I would love an outdoor bathroom. Here is some amazing outdoor bathroom.

Ok I will be the first to admit that this wouldn’t exactly be practical here in the UK. However lately with the weather being so sunny and warm, I have found myself day dreaming about having an outdoor bathroom.

I think one of the reason why I find myself daydream about having an outdoor bathroom, is that it would be like having your own private spa. How nice would that be? Your own spa which you can be pampered head to toes and your own space for complete relaxation.

I know I keep repeating myself like a broken record, but I am a spa-holic so any chance to replicate a spa-experience is always good on my book.

My best friend from school used to have an outdoor bathroom, which I was at the time thinking it was weird. At the time I wasn’t aware of the concept of people having an outdoor bathroom. Also to make the outdoor bathroom really cosy in winter they had a big log fire. I should have mention that the reason why they had an outdoor bathroom was that they had a pool which I was so jealous off.

As many of you are aware, that I do also have a day-dreaming about one day visiting the Maldives. Now that is the perfect location to have an outdoor bathroom. Tropical weather looking out onto the clear blue sea, I can just picture it in my mind eyes. One day that dream will comes true.

Anyway, I have found some amazing outdoor bathroom to help you get your inspirations going. I think you will agree with me on a few of these amazing designs. Would you like your own outdoor bathroom?