addicted to hamburger

While for some people, their favorite food is a roast beef dinner or a pasta dish. Me – I’m just addicted to hamburger.

Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius. Matthew McConaughey


Elvis Presley was famous for being a big fan of this meal. And you know what, so am I. It about the only thing I have in common with Elvis.

Hamburger is just one of those all year round meal that is not only tasty, but also quick and so simple to make.

What also make them so good – is that you can customize it to your taste. Just like fajita, which is another dish that is my favorite, you can customize a hamburger to your specification.

It only very recent, I really found myself loving hamburger so much. I mean I have always liked them – even as a child, but recently I have found myself a little addicted to them.

I’m not the only one – my husband is as well. We both fan of this culinary delight. If we out for the day, we would look for a burger bar – more often than not we would look for a local TGIF restaurant.

The best burger bar we visited recently was a place in Vejie, Denmark, seriously the best burger we both have tasted. To this this we still dream about going back there –  just for the burger. As you can see from the picture id does indeed look tasty.

addicted to hamburger

Oh while we on the subject on burger bar – here another photo from Hard Rock Café in Brussel. While some might toast their journey with cocktails – well guess how we toast it?

addicted to hamburger

If I’m on my way home somewhere or don’t feel like doing much cooking, I can buy some burger pate and quickly grill them and wholia we would both have a meal.

Now just to be clear I don’t go for any the fast food rubbish, nah – trust me I go for the good burger. I hate fast foods anyway and I prefer knowing that the burger is properly cooked all the way through.

So what is my perfect hamburger? Well it has to be a plain burger with a good dollop of burger sauce with some crispy onions. If I make it into a cheeseburger (don’t even get me started on cheeseburger!) It would be a Mexicana cheese with plenty of onions and relish.

So yes this is me telling the world, I am addicted to hamburger. Some may get their happiness through tap dancing or through painting – I get my happiness through hamburger, what can I say?

Are you addicted to hamburger as I am? Also please share on what is your perfect hamburger, and if you have to choose – hamburger or cheeseburger?