I’m one of those people who don’t really look after their nails, I sort of just leave it alone and cut it when it get too long. Once in a blue moon I might get a manicure and those I do like the end result – my pretty shiny nails often doesn’t last very long.  I also often can’t be bother to paint my nails as painting the right hand is easier than the left (I‘m a left handed person, that why) and I also can’t be bother to wait for my nails to dry. So more often than not I just leave my nails alone.

However having said all of that, more recently I found a kit which had helps me take care of my nails while also keeping the nails polish colour lasting longer. This is down to the China Glaze Ever Glaze Nails Cosmetic Kit.

nails polish

(Psstt…the nails inc for glamour isn’t part of the kit.)

This nails kits contains 3 nails polish –

Ever Glaze Prep Cover

Ever Glaze Extended Wear

Ever Glaze Active Top Coat

Here is a quick guide on how to achieve long-lasting nails polish cover; ’cause let be honest there’s nothing more annoying than putting on a new shade of blue only for it to be chipped later on.

  • Start with the Ever Glaze Prep Cover. It a clear shiny polish but it start the foundation.
  • Paint your nails with whatever shade you choose, let it dry for 1 minutes.
  • Next paint your nails with the Ever Glaze Extended Wear, a pinkish colour but it’s a good layer to help keep the colour polish in. (I also think this make your nails shiny.)
  • Dry for 1 minutes.
  • The last coat is the Ever Glaze Active Top Coat and as you might have guessed it, this is the layer which will hold everything in.

So there you go, a quick and easy way in achieving long-lasting nails polish colour without too much of a hassle. Here are my two results:

nails polish results

One is glitter to show you that it works on glittery type nails and the other is a simple red one.

Not exactly ground-breaking but if likes me and don’t have that much patience with your nails then this might come in very handy.

Do you have tips on how to achieve long-lasting nail polish cover?